Our Philosophy

We do One Thing…

We are conscious creators who facilitate the Shift.

We just happen to do it many different ways.


Our primary interest is in finding the ways and the means by which we ~ as individuals, groups, teams, families, organizations, and communities ~ can come from a thriving and inspiring place of right relationship and Flow. That place where effortlessness, grace, ease, harmony, synchronicity,  synergy, Divine Alignment, and more are not only a norm, but a way of being and a way of life.

We recognize there are many ways and means by which to do this. These, we call, Paths of Awakening.  Those who assist people on the Path of Awakening are known (in Pali) as “Bodhissatvas” or “Bodhis” for short. Both the Paths and how a Bodhi shows up in the world may differ from person to person, culture to culture, community to community. What is the same is that universal principle of harmony, love, joy, ease, purpose, flow, commitment and fulfillment that naturally arises when one awakens to their Authentic & Higher Self and assists others in this effort.

In the process of Awakening, we at The Bodhi Bridge have discovered that a particular combination of approaches is particularly powerful and effective in creating and supporting transformational growth and change.



  Flow & Right Relationship  




  Eco-Systems Thinking  

  Innovation & Creativity


  Conscious Service

  Conscious Leadership

  Conscious & Creative Community

  Empowered Living & Giving