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~Flow Coaching~

This 4 Level, 9 month training & mentorship program equips existing Coaches &  Consultants with transformational teachings, tools, and shamanic principle & practices to tap into that well-spring of grace, ease, harmony, and Flow… both for themselves & ultimately to empower ther clients. The program is based on an integration and application of teachings, tools, principles and practices that build one’s capacity to facilitate the process of Awakening and the many levels of de-conditioning, re-learning, integration, up-leveling, to support their clients’ transformational Journey.
Flow Coaching focuses specifically on teaching Coaches how to facilitate their client’s Return to Essence, step into “Ayni” (Right Relation/Flow) how to let go of conditioned “1D/3D” ways of relating, thinking & strategizing, how to shift into “5D/7D+” ways or relating, thinking meeting needs authentically & with consideration to the well-being of All.

 The curriculum is innovative, interdisciplinary, hands-on, and integrative.
Flow Coaches collaborate with our IHP Practitioners and BIZ Specialists to support their clients’ conscious evolution, healing, integration, up-leveling, human potential development and conscious business development.

~Who It’s For~

 Those who are Bright Lights who want to collaborate and create awesomeness in the world

Those who are committed to doing their inner transformational work to affect positive social change

Those who are a presence for Good in the world and who use their time, talent, and resources to benefit clients and community

Those who are leaders and/or teammembers who would benefit greatly by receiving some of the very support, presence ,and empowerment that they so generously provide to others

Those who are individuals, couples, groups, teams, organizations, and communities committed to relate, live, serve, lead, give, and create at whole new levels!

Those who are committed to relate, live, serve, lead, give, and create from the space of their Authentic/Higher Self

Those who are ready, motivated, and committed to proactively identify and address various dynamics early on before it becomes a Thing

Those who know they can accomplish and create more with noble friends, family, and colleagues who are also on a path of awakening by working Together in their genius and by Doing Well and Doing Good

~How It Works~

Flow Coaching (C-Track) is an Optional professional development program. As with all of our Professional Tracks, Track C: Flow Coaching follows the Required Part 1: “Conscious Service & Leadership” Foundations Class.

The Track C: Flow Coaching is an online training program. It can be done 1:1 as a private mentorship or as part of a small group/cohort with other experienced Coaches.

Day 1: Foundations

Conscious Service and Leadership Medicine Wheel

Day 2: Foundations

Conscious Service and Leadership Medicine Wheel

Day 3: Foundations

Conscious Service and Leadership Medicine Wheel

Day 4:        A-Track

Integrative Healing Practitioner

Day 5:                   A-Track

Integrative Healing Practitioner

On-Line          C-Track

Flow / Right Relation Coaching

~What You’ll Learn~

  • Indigenous wisdom teachings
  • Shamanistic teachings
  • New Thought traditions
  • Eastern philosophies
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Conscious service & Leadership
  • Integrative healing & Energy Medicine practices
  • Consciousness-based sciences
    • Neuro-science
    • Neuro-linguistics
    • Quantum physics


Increase capacity for conscious engagement and right relationship,  strengthen one’s luminous energy field, and elevate one’s energetic frequency to attract higher qualities of people, opportunities and experiences into one’s life.

The Results: greater levels of grace, ease, harmony, and flow within one’s self, with others, and with the world around us, more swift and beneficial break-throughs, the ability to see and manifest opportunities and resources that benefit oneself and the greater whole, practices for communicating and meeting needs more consciously and creatively, and more.

One of the most transformative aspects of the CSL Medicine Wheel is that it offers powerfully aligned energetic means by which to heal and clear the patterns, “imprints”, heavy energy, and wounds associated with drama dynamics and egoic conditioning! “Imprints” are energetic holding patterns and are at the root of illness, struggle, drama, generational and karmic patterns, and other repeating dynamics. Clearing these creates more swift and beneficial break-throughs.

~Next Steps~

Here are the next steps to get involved!

Step 1: Feel Into It. Does this light you up from the inside out? – Awesome. Read on.

Step 2: Contact us! Let us know you are interested and if you have questions.

Step 3: Have all the clarity you need? Awesome- Complete the Registration Application below and send in your Deposit. Or send in your Deposit to reserve your space while you complete the Registration Application. Either way works.

Step 4: Make Your Payment(s). Full payments are best and help you step more fully and completely into the room. Partial payments are also accepted as long as time permits and you’ve worked out a payment plan with us and stick to it. In either case, payments get to be completed by the deadline stated before your program.

Step 5: Get ready for your program!  Very exciting! We usually send out a Welcome Letter with the information you’ll need to get started.

Step 6: Stay the Course! Heads up: It’s pretty common for people (um, the ego/mind) to experience a mixture of excitement and fear once you’ve paid and committed (especially if you feel a strong “Soul Yes”/Calling/or Pull to participate). It’s also pretty common for people to get “Tested”… Tested by compelling distractions, by internal or external Interference, by other things trying to assert priority, by fears and insecurities, by other people’s things/”needs” showing up, or by any number of other distractions or hooky second-thoughts.

Note: It’s All Good. That is part of your Jedi Training. If you can make it through the initial interference, you’ve done enough inner work and have enough self-mastery and commitment to do great in the program! And That’s who we’re Calling In and what we’re looking for!

Step 7: Enjoy the Journey! It’s such a cool program that attracts really amazing people. So, It’s worth it! We promise.

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