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Private & Group Mentorships

Training & Mentoring conscious leaders of tomorrow Today.

Receive 1:1 or small group private mentorship to assist you in being and becoming the Bright Light you came here to be. Bring greater wholeness, happiness, and harmony to all areas of life, hone your expertise in specific areas of development, and create a thriving livelihood serving humanity with your gifts, talents, skills, and love.  Be & Become a more conscious and effective service-leader modeling inspiring new possibilities and creating new realities.

Work directly with master mentor, teacher, trainer, shaman and consultant, Diana H. Dokos (MEd, CPC, EMP). Diana specializes in transformational leadership, young adult leadership, consciousness-based professional & community development, conscious business development, transformational philanthropy, integrative healing & energy medicine, and shamanic principles & practices for quantum leaps in personal, professional, and social change.

Duration of Mentorship: Varies

Ideal for: conscious young professionals, service-oriented leaders, service providers, gifted & talented young adults, professional 20/30 Somethings, conscious creatives, and other Bright Lights seeking to live more fully in their authentic/higher self, fulfill a higher purpose, add value to their offerings, and contribute to society in powerful ways using consciousness-based & shamanic principles & practices.
Modalities include: 1:1 sessions, small group training, coaching, integrative healing, resource & opportunity linking. You will learn & apply consciousness-based principles & practices, shamanic wisdom teachings, mindfulness & meditation, quantum physics, neuroscience, conscious business & philanthropy, and more.



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 South & Level 1 IHP

"The Way of Beauty & The Healer"      
 (January  2022)
Costa Rica


 West: & Level 2 IHP

"The Way of Peace & The Peace-Maker"
(March 2022)
Costa Rica


 North & Level 3 IHP

"The Way of the Soul & The Teacher"          
 (May 2022)
 Costa Rica

 East & Level 4 IHP

"The Way of the Visionary & The Conscious Creator"  
(July/August 2022)  
Costa Rica

"Team UP" Program

Move people, projects, communities & creators forward... consciously, creatively & in flow.


Fulfill a Higher Purpose in the process.

Part 1: Foundations  ~ Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel

Part 2: Specialized Professional Trainings

A-Track: Integrative Healing Practitioner Training

B-Track: Business & Project Development

C-Track: Flow / Right Relation Coaching

As Conscious Creators, we "Team Up" to create Awesomeness with awakened and gifted others and empower people to up-level their lives in ways none could do alone. Teaming Up is one of our greatest opportunities for moving people, projects, communities, and creators forward…

consciously, creatively, and in flow...

from the inside out & the outside in...

 fulfilling a Higher Purpose and creating positive ripples in the process.

Are you calling in an opportunity to add powerfully transformational tools to your personal, professional, and spiritual toolbox?

Do you work in the healing or transformational arts, service- leadership, conscious entrepreneurship, or human potential development fields and see a powerful need for integration, education, up-leveling, and transition support for people who are on a path of conscious creation and awakening? 

Are you interested in providing those services in a Work-From-Anywhere profession as a Shamanic/ Integrative Healing Practitioner, Flow Coach, or trained Facilitator empowering individuals, families, businesses, and communities to up-level their lives, consciously & creatively navigate change, and rock the paradigm-shift that's afoot? 

Are you interested to learn how to apply shamanic/ indigenous wisdom teachings, consciousness-based principles & practices, integrative healing, energy medicine, quantum physics, neuro-science, music and more in real & tangible ways that create transformational change in your own life & the lives of those your serve?  

And have you been Calling In a professional/spiritual Mentor and conscious community of like-minded young professionals, "Bright Lights" & Soul Tribe to learn, grow, play, and create with?

 If you a Soul YES to any of these ...     Well, Awesome!

Then read on & Join Us to "Team UP"! 



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The “Team UP” program is designed to equip "Bright Lights" and conscious service-oriented leaders, Influencers, facilitators, service providers, support teams, healing arts practitioners, professional/business-minded folks and other Conscious Creators  with ancient /shamanic wisdom and consciousness-based teachings, tools  & practices, conscious service & leadership development, integrative healing & energy work,  modern science, music, and more to effect positive change in your own life and in the lives of your clients, communities, businesses and others. 

Create a thriving livelihood  providing healing, integration & up-leveling services to your clients, post-retreat or program support to guests, make quantum leaps in your own conscious service & leadership game, better serve your team, organization or community, and "Team Up" and be in community with other amazing Bright Lights!

The "Team UP" program is desiged for YOU!

Dates for

"Team UP" Trainings

South/Level 1

(Monteverde, Costa Rica)

Part 1: Foundations

Arrive: Friday, February 19 by 3p
Class: Sat -Mon, February 20 - 23

Part 2A: Integrative Healing Practitioner

Class: Tues - Wed, February 24 - 25

Integration Day: Thurs, February 26

Part 2B: Business & Project Development

On-Line Dates TBD after Foundations

Part 2C: Flow Coaching

On-Line Dates TBD after Foundations

"Team UP" ~ Program Overview

Part 1: Foundations ~ Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel

Part 2A: A-Track ~ Integrative Healing Practitioner Training

Part 2B: B-Track ~ Business & Project Development

Part 2C: C-Track ~ Flow / Right Relation Coaching


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Costa Rica

Level 4                                         Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training 

Seeking Sponsor for 

Level 4 Integrative Healing Training


Costa Rica

Level 4 Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training

Seeking Sponsor for 

Level 4 Integrative Healing Training


Costa Rica

Level 4 Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training 

Seeking Sponsor for 

Level 4 Integrative Healing Training


Germany/ Costa Rica

Level 2 Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training 

Seeking Sponsor for 

Level 2 Integrative Healing Training


South Africa/Costa Rica

Level 1  Integrative Healing Practitioner-In-Training

Level 1 Flow Coach-in-Training

 Seeking Sponsor for 

Level 2 Integrative Healing Training


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Costa Rica Projects

Conscious Creators!

Young Adult Leadership Development

"It Takes A Village"

Love & Community in Action

La Escuelita

Little but Mighty!


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1:1 Sessions


Private Mentorships


Flow Coaching

Integrative Healing & Energy Work

Resource Linking

Private 1:1 Retreats & Intensives

Group Services

Teachings, Talks, & Lectures

Group Mentorships

Team/Staff Trainings



Program Development

Community Events


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 Conscious Creators "Team Up" Event

DATE: February 20- 26

LOCATION: Monteverde, Costa Rica

Tulku Jigme Rinpoche Talk & Retreat

DATE: TBD 2021

LOCATION: Mt. Chirripo', Costa Rica &

Springdale/ Zion Nat'l Park, UT

Stay Tuned... Awesomeness Coming Soon!


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Utah Hubs

Bodhi House - Zion

Springdale, Utah

Stay Tuned... Awesomeness Coming Soon!

Nama-Stay Retreats - Zion

Springdale, Utah

Stay Tuned... Awesomeness Coming Soon!

Costa Rica Hubs

Bodhi House - Mt. Chirripo

Mt. Chirripo, Costa Rica

Stay Tuned... Awesomeness Coming Soon!

Rio Chirripo' Lodge, Costa Rica

Mt. Chirripo', Costa Rica

Stay Tuned... Awesomeness Coming Soon!