Our Vision

We are Conscious Creators ~ creating what we wish to see in the world.

We envision and we build conscious and creative communities of service-leaders who inspire and empower others to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, inspiration and right relationship ~ from the inside out and the outside in. We see individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities as empowered and fulfilled living in their genius,  dedicated to leading awakened lives of service and leadership,  co-creating harmonious eco-systems of collaboration that engage, uplift, and nourish the well-being of The Whole.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the awakening and illuminating of the Divine Potential of humanity to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, inspiration and flow (or “right relationship”) ~ from the inside out and the outside in.

We do this by equipping people with the transformational teachings, tools, practices, and resources that help them facilitate the Shift, live in their genius, and relate, live, serve, lead, and give from their Authentic/Higher Self, and basically, to create Awesomeness ~ both independently AND together.

Our Organization

We are a newly emerging, organically growing, positively pioneering, interdisciplinary, interfaith,  intergenerational, hybrid philanthropic-entrepreneurial organization. We are committed to holistic and integrative approaches that are possibility oriented and promote eco-systems thinking. By partnering consciously and creatively with community partners, we do more Together than any of us could do alone. 

Our Why

 Because It Is Time…

1. We are living in a Time of Great Change. This is not just any change we’re talking about. It’s a full out paradigm-shift. (Picture caterpillar transforming butterfly.) How this Shift unfolds depends greatly on how people are in relationship to it, where we are in consciousness, and how we engage with ourselves, each other, and life itself.  How we navigate The Shift ~ The Unknowns, uncertainty, change, transition, “The Gap”, unprecedented Opportunity (to name a few exciting stressors) ~ makes all difference . The Bodhi Bridge and it’s Collaborative Partners help facilitate this Shift. We equip people with the transformational teachings, tools, practices and resources that help people navigate with greater grace, ease, harmony, and flow.


2. People are yearning to live lives of purpose, meaning, and passion where they can use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others and the planet. They want to be part of something greater than themselves. They want to Do Well AND Do Good. They wish to Do Together what they cannot (or are no longer choosing to) do alone. The Bodhi Bridge helps this happen through its programs, classes, workshops, and services.


3. Those who choose to lead an awakened and illuminated life of service and leadership ~ “Bright Lights” and “Bodhis” ~ sometimes experience some unique opportunities, invitations (aka “challenges”), and needs. These opportunities, invitations and “needs”  can become compelling challenges and issues if overlooked or not attended to early on.   Because most people on a Path of Awakening experience some kind of significant change, internally and/or externally, they often face significant questions and transitions: 

 * “Where do I work?”

 * “Where do I live?”

* “Where is my community? My Tribe?”

* “How do I use my gifts and talents to create a life of purpose that I love?”

* “How do I keep learning and “stay awake”?”

* “How do I come into “right relationship” and engage with others in my life who may not choose to learn, grow, and change with me?

The Bodhi Bridge and its Community Partners are dedicated to addressing these opportunities, invitations, and needs… both for and with those in transition and for and with those who are consciously creating the new lived realities of Purpose and Possibility. 


4.  “Bright Lights” and “Bodhis” are often a “hidden population” ~ that is, a population which is not often recongized as being in need of resources or support to do what they do best. In large part, this is because “Bright Lights”/”Bodhis” naturally and by choice draw on their support from a Higher Power and from their own capacity to intend and manifest for the well-being of themselves and others. Even though many have lived on the financial edge (while in “The Gap”) or may have experienced illness, trauma or losses along the way,  they don’t tend to see themselves as “in need” and do not want “rescuing”. They make the most of the resources they have and make the most of their opportunities. As a result, with Bright Lights/Bodhis,  a little bit of support, resources, and championing goes a veryyy very long way.


5. People on the Path of Awakening benefit greatly from being in  conscious & creative community (aka “with their Tribe”). “Bright Lights” are often pioneers of consciousness and Possibility. They are people who have stepped out of old ways of relating, living, serving, leading, giving, and communicating in order to do things in new, more life-affirming and higher integrity ways. Since not all family members, friends, co-workers and others may be ready, willing, or able to shift, Bright Lights sometimes find themselves on a bit of a solo journey. Gathering and convening “Bright Lights”/”Bodhis” to learning, growing, rejuvenating and creating together is one of most important things we can do to support The Shift and to continue to up-level consciousness. 


6. We live in a rapidly changing global economy that calls for innovative approaches to creating thriving lives.  As many people are now discovering, The Shift is also a financial one. We are coming out of an old paradigm, one that has often been anchored in conditioned beliefs and experiences of scarcity, fear, lack, and uncertainty. Because prosperity also reflects a state of consciousness, this is often the case whether a person is wealthy or poor.  Where some see “problems to solve”, others see “opportunities and gifts to embrace.” For us and for many others, this is an unprecedented time of Opportunity to embrace the best of many worlds, to create thriving lives of purpose and meaning in alignment with our values. Gift, share, trade, exchange, sliding scale, fee-based services, scholarships, grants,  innovative ventures, spiritual entrepreneurship, transformational philanthropy and other means help us get there.  Whatever the case, consciousness creates. We choose to create Awesomeness… and that means getting innovative, creative, and outside-the-box to discover what is Really True & Possible Now.