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To successfully and joyfully (!) navigate the financial and economic paradigm shift of this new Millennium, we invite (and teach!) people to Intend & Manifest …to be conscious and creative Manifestors and Creators of financial and non-financial resources, as well as anything else that’s needed to create amazing lives and thriving communities.  Giving to our Wish Lists is one of the ways you can help this happen!

Keep in mind that the Bodhi Bridge Team and many of our Community Partners are mostly volunteers, parents, professionals and Mentees pro-bono-ing their time & talent to contribute meaningfully to these projects and communities & to create the kind of world We wish to live in. If/When paid, they are paid from program revenues and/or their own innovative/entrepreneurial ventures. These are the folks who dedicate quite a lot of time and expertise to helping the Bodhi Bridge & Community Partner magic happen.

Manifesting resources on our Wish Lists is one of the ways you can help them & us keep our overhead and program pricing low, so that we can invest our time, talent, and energy in keeping the value and caliber of our services high. Plus, giving Wish List items is super Fun!  With Wish List items in hand, we are able to more fully resource our Programs, our Clients, the Communities we serve, our Teammates and the organizational infrastructure that  makes what we do possible. Sometimes, Wish List items give meaningful support beyond what financial means alone can do.

Receiving Wish List items makes our day… and our work… that much more inspiring!

“I wish for people to discover their True Power… Their ability to intend and manifest for the well-being of all beings.”

Suddakar Ram in The Connected Age

How It Works

  1. Check out our Wish List items.
  2. Select the item(s) that you feel inspired to purchase (new) or give (gently used and in excellent shape). Some of the item(s) may be purchased or found on Amazon Smile (this is the donating arm of Amazon).
  3. Items may be sent to The Bodhi Bridge at P.O. Box 468, Springdale, UT 84767  OR may be brought or sent to us in Costa Rica (just be sure to get the “go ahead” before you send things abroad!).
  4. Contact Us to let us know Wish List items are on their way: Info@bodhibridge.org    (If sending to Costa Rica, please contact us first so we can discuss the best way to go about getting items here.)
  5. Be sure to include your Name, Address, and Email information in your email and in your package, so that we can Thank You and send you a tax-deductible receipt!

Wish Lists

Wish List items may be purchased new (through Amazon Smile or other awesome vendors), or may be gently used and in excellent shape. Consider trading up your equipment for something newer, and send us your in-great-shape-and-ready-to-rock-n-roll items.

That way Everybody Wins!


Equipment & Supplies

Highest Priority Items

  1. Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 256 – 512GB Storage or BETTER!)   (Our 2011 MacBook Pro 13 is on its last cyber-legs. It is the only computer we have.)

Order on Amazon Smile   3.2 lbs     $1,695

2.  USB C Hub Multiport Adapter – 7 in 1 Portable Space Aluminum Dongle with 4K HDMI Output, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/Micro SD Card Reader Compatible (to go with newer computer)

Order on Amazon Smile  .25 lbs     $24

3.  Portable/Travel size surge protector  (fire proof) 1 lb      $22

4. Laptop Sleeve Bag Compatible with 13-13.3 inch MacBook Pro, Water Repellent Polyester (or similar case for computer that does well in humidity)

Order on Amazon Smile   .55 lb    $14

5. HP OfficeJet Pro  Printer 8035 All-in-One Wireless (or similar) (Essential for our office. The closest color copy place is 1 hour away.) 9.21 x 18.11 x 13.43 in

Order on Amazon Smile 18 lbs    $150

6. HP 910 | 3 Ink Cartridges | Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (several cartridges)

Order on Amazon Smile          1.2 oz        (Several, please)  $35 /pk

7. HP 910XL | Ink Cartridge | Black (several cartridges)

Order on Amazon Smile   1.2 oz   $41 /pk

8. CANON INK for Community Partner printer ~ Color 211 & Black 210                                                    

Order on Amazon Smile  4.8 oz   (Several, please)   $47.90/pk

9. Tibetan Prayer Flags (10 in or varied sizes) (We welcome many!)

Order on Amazon Smile  1 oz     $11.50/pk

High Priority Items

10. AmazonBasics Hardside Carry-On Spinner Luggage (durable ~ for transporting music equipment, training/workshop materials on        gravel roads) 9 lbs                                                                                                                                                                                    

WISH GRANTED! Thank You, Maverick DNA!!

11. Mini Projector GooDee HD Video Projector 4000 Lux, 1080P Supported Compatible (for trainings/workshops/talks) 9.6 x 6.5 x 3.2 in

Order on Amazon Smile 2.8 lbs    $130

12. Projector Screen with Stand 120 inch – Indoor and Outdoor 16:9 HD Premium Wrinkle-Free (for use in trainings/workshops/talks)

Order on Amazon Smile    2 lbs    $25

13. Portable Bluetooth Speaker14 watts & Case (with high volume) (for use in workshops/classes) 6.4 x 2.8 x 2.8 in

Order on Amazon Smile 1.3 lbs     $40

14. Gator Case Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag (Charcoal Black) (Travel in CR can be very hard on music equipment. Current case is falling apart. Music for community gatherings & events is one of our offerings & is a main draw and contributor to community events.)

Order on Amazon Smile   5 lbs        $110

15. Maha Bodhi Tibetan Singing Bowl Set w Silk Cushion (5 in)& travel case (for use in workshops/retreats/classes)

Order on Amazon Smile       1.5 lbs     $33

16. Chakras Guide– Holistic Health Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts (Qty 6 ~ for our IHP students)    .25 lb

WISH GRANTED! Thank You, Maverick DNA!!

17. Inna Segal’s “The Secret Language of your Body” (Qty 6 ~ for students) 1.3 lbs $11 each                                  

WISH GRANTED!  Thank You, Maverick DNA!!

18. Alberto Villaldo’s “The Four Insights” (Qty 6 ~ for students)

Order on Amazon Smile 1.3 lbs   $11 ea/ $66 for 6

19. Peruvian Amazon Gourd Rattles (small w handle) (Qty 6 ~ for Students)

Order on Amazon Smile 96 oz  $25 for 2 /$75 for 6

20, (Personal Item for Diana)Chaco Women’s Zx2 Classic Sport Sandal  (Salmon – size 8 wide) (Diana’s primary form of off-road travel just had a blow out.)  1.5 lbs                                                                                                                                                           WISH GRANTED! Thank You, Mom!!! 

Contact Diana to let her know what you’re purchasing & shipping, so we can Thank You & mark the item as “WISH GRANTED”!



“It Takes A Village”

(Mt. Chirripo’ Eco-System Development Project)

With the collaborative love, insight & expertise of our community … combined with  some really awesome, heart-centered entrepreneurial/business development & philanthropic support of some key Partners … we have an opportunity to bring things to a whole new level (and benefit the wider community in the process!).

We welcome project funding & Wish List items!

1. Bodhi Bridge ~ See Our Wish List

2.”La Escuelita” (small but mighty Waldorf School) ~ See Our Wish List

3. Samaritan Xocolata

4. Canaan Women’s Association

5. Casa Alegraia & Butterfly Dome

6. Becca’s Hot Sauce

7. Other Community Partners…. (Wait for It… Wait for It…)

Stay tuned … Let’s see where this goes!


Miracle Wish List Items!

Positive Intentions, Prayers, Manifesting Support, Introductions & Connections to Aligned Supporters, and any number of Miracles … all very Welcomed!!

Miracle 1: Manifesting our Private Operating Foundation Donor(s)…  to help make this little but mighty  operating foundation a reality.  

Miracle 2: Purchasing and/or Leasing Properties for our Home-base Hubs/Co-working spaces & Staff living spaces … Having  a stable foundation is hugely helpful to moving this great work forward.

Miracle 3: Small to mid-sized 4×4 SUV vehicle in great shape + registration & insurance …to help us get up and down these Costa Rican mountain roads & for ground travel for hosting visiting guests/colleagues.                                                           

Miracle 4: Furnishings for the initial little home-base of operations/co-working space & Staff living space … We’ve found an initial little space to get things started in Costa Rica. New construction. (Bamboo furniture & all kinds of household goods needed. Ideally furnishings are made by local Costa Rican artisans.)

Miracle 5: An Awesome Little Team of committed, fun, highly skilled & like-minded professional soul-peep (to help us do all the Things… consciously & creatively!) See our Team Wish List.

For more information or assistance with these items

Contact Diana at: Diana@bodhibridge.org



1. Funding: “Team UP” & IHP sponsorships for 6 students.     

$2,500 per Level x 4 Levels = $10,000 per student

“Team UP” is a Mentorship program that helps move awesome people, projects, communities & creators forward…. consciously & creatively. 

The IHP Program trains certified energy medicine/integrative healing practitioners as part of the “Team UP” program. In turn, IHP Practitioners support the success & up-leveling of community partners & their projects!



     2. Sponsoring public teaching & private retreats with Esteemed Rinpoche Tulku Jingme 

Mt. Chirripo’, Costa Rica ~May 5 – 7, 2020

Springdale/Zion National Park, UT ~ Oct 2020.

Dates TBD for 2021!

Travel for Rinpoche & Assistant: $600 x 2 ppl x 4 events = $4,800

Sponsor students $250 – $555/ each x 10 students = $2,500 – $5,555


 Stay tuned for more information & Registration!
Coming Soon!




Organizational Development Support

Help us create and pilot a new kind of philanthropic/community development/social impact organization!

Because conscious organizational/business development is essential to our thriving & success!

If you’re skilled in any of these areas and have been wanting to up-level your game by learning and applying consciousness-based/shamanic business principles and practices, then let’s talk!  Let’s share, learn, and create Together!

  • Grant-Writer (So we can manifest the Sponsorships needed to move our Mentees, Program Participants & Community Partners  forward!)
  • Business Development & Finance Guru (for monetizing our offerings, crafting proposals, creating Win-Win-Win Agreements, helping us actualize our business plan)
  • Event Coordination (Super important for the work we do!)
  • Marketing & Communications (Ditto!)
  • Social Media (Ditto! Help us make the most of our Opportunities & get the word out!)
  • Website Designer & Content Editor (I’ve done my best. Your turn!)
  • Executive Admin Support (Help Diana learn how to have & make the most of Exec Admin support!)
  • Project Management (in person & remote)
  • Business Development Support
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Support


 If you are interested in assisting with any of these, let us know!
Contact: Diana@bodhibridge.org


Other Awesomeness

Got other brilliant and creative ways we can move these awesome people and projects forward? Great! Contact us & share your ideas!

 * Airline Miles!! (So Diana can get home to see Reese & Gentry and her folks more often!)

* Surprise Us!



(Mt. Chirripo’s little but mighty Waldorf School)



Stay tuned & check back shortly…  

We are currently updating this section. :o)



High Priority 

1.3 Wooden Instrument Sets (8 instruments) $29.99 ea ($104.95 + shipping, 7.5 lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile

2. 3 Wooden Egg Shaker Sets (6 pairs) $13.99 ea ($41.97 + shipping, 1.2lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile

3.20 MUSICUBE 6” Hardwood Percussion Blocks $9.99 ea ($199.80 + shipping, 6lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile

4.20 Yamaha YRS-24B Recorders $5.99 ea ($119.80 + shipping, 4lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile

Medium Priority

5.20 MUSICUBE Hardwood Percussion Blocks 7”

$13.95 each ($279 + shipping, 10lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile

6. 4 Remo Kids 5-Piece Drum Set 

$92 each ($368 + shipping, 12.6 lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile 

7. 1 Remo 14” Frame Drum (for teacher)

$26.46 + shipping, 2lbs total

Order on Amazon Smile

8. 1 Remo 22”x8” Gathering Drum

$89.95 + ~$65 shipping to Costa Rica (~$155 total)

OR might be possible as cargo, will not likely fit in suitcase

Order on Amazon Smile

Low Priority

9. 20 Music Together Resonator Bell Sets $15 ea ($300 + shipping, _lbs total)

Order Item

10. 20 MUSICUBE Hardwood Percussion Blocks 5” $9.98 ea ($199.60 + shipping, 6lbs)

Order on Amazon Smile

11. 3 Remo 5-Pack Sound Shapes $59.99 ea ($179.97 + shipping, 6lbs total)

Order on Amazon Smile

12. 1 Remo 5-Pack Sound Circles $65.15 + shipping, 2.65lbs total

Order on Amazon Smile


For more info Contact:

Becky Roskop Center (Music Director)    




The Wish Lists for our Team and The Bodhi Bridge can be found by going to our About Us ~ Team page. When you click on any one of the Bodhi Bridge Team ~ from leadership, to our support crew, to our mentees ~ you can find a Wish List of items that can help their world be truly Awesome.

To see our Wish Lists, Click Here

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