About Us

bodhi bridge team


The Bodhi Bridge envisions awakened an illuminated communities of conscious, creative, and thriving individuals, families, teams, and organizations that inspire and empower people to live in their Authentic/Higher Self,  Be in right relationship (“ayni”), fulfill their Higher Purpose, and to co-create worlds of greater grace, ease, harmony, thriving, inspiration and right relation for the well-being of all beings.


The Bodhi Bridge facilitates The Shift (the paradigm shift we are currently all in) by awakening and illuminating the Divine Potential in humanity to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, inspiration and right relation … from the inside out and the outside in.


We are a visionary consciousness development organization that is both a philanthropic 501(c3) educational foundation and an innovative entrepreneurial venture. We are interdisciplinary by nature, intergenerational by design,  interfaith by choice, inter/cross cultural by intention, and consciousness-oriented by commitment.


Visionary individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities who:

• invest their time, talents, and resources to make a positive difference in the world;
• are committed to personal, professional, and/or spiritual growth
• may not have the financial means to access workshops, programs, and services;
• are ready, motivated, and committed to bring life to whole new levels ~ consciously and creatively;
• are ready and committed to free themselves from limitation, fear, struggle, drama, illness, conflict, and projections;
• are choosing to embrace more conscious and creative relationships to life, love, livelihood, spirituality, and more…
• wish to contribute meaningfully to an individual and collective paradigm shift.

We increase access 

* to transformational teachings, tools, practices, and resources;

* to learning opportunities, programs, classes, retreats, workshops;

* to valuable services (mentoring, consulting, teaching, coaching, integrative healing, and more)

* to conscious community

* to our conscious resource network of highly skilled, committed, and compassionate facilitators

* to those who might not otherwise be able to afford these people, opportunities, or resources (especially facilitators of The Shift, and others in conscious service and leadership themselves)

We equip

the Bright Lights of the world with the transformational teachings, tools and resources to address the Opportunities, Needs, and Issues that arise on the path of Awakening and in course of leading an
Awakened life of purpose, integrity, intentional and conscious evolution.

We inspire

and empower people to Facilitate the Shift… to step out of the paradigm of strategy, struggle, and survival and into the flow of consciousness that makes grace, ease, harmony, thriving, and inspiration a lived reality. We demonstrate this lived reality in our own lives and model that consciousness not only matters…consciousness works. We provide grants and other support to aligned people and organizations that integrate and promote this work.



• Consciousness Education
• Personal/Spiritual Growth
• Leadership Development
• Conscious & Creative Service
• Community Development
• Transformational Philanthropy
• Innovative Design


• Innovative Programs
• Collaborative Workshops
• Talks/Lectures
• Classes/ Trainings
• Retreats & Gatherings
• Learning Circles
• Individual & Group Sessions


• Consciousness-based
• Program & Initiative Develop.
• Teaching/Training
• Mentorship/ Coaching
• Integrative Healing
• Resource Linking
• Non-Profit Consulting
• Site Visits & Assessments


• Awakin Circle
• “40 Day Sacred Shift”
• “Finding New Ways Forward”
• Village-to-Village
• Holistic Village Empowerment