Testimonies and Stories of Awakening

“My story of Awakening is more a story of healing. I’ve always known there was more out there than I was being taught, but I did try to force myself to follow along. I was raised in a very interesting family in the polygamist community for the first part of my life. I experienced various forms of abuse, harassment, and persecution… both from within the family and the community.  There was trauma on a daily basis,  but I was able to also see miracles happen that most children only dream of.

I held on to my positive outlook on life for far longer than I thought possible, but the repeating of old stories and the beginning of new traumatic stories broke me down. Until, one day, an amazing thing happened. I was filled with so much pain, anger and fear that I collapsed. I broke down and shattered. I call this “amazing” because of the path it forced me on. It put me on a path of healing.

Now, as I put my pieces together, I truly heal wounds of the past and get to witness the healing of others around me. The most powerful healing method I’ve experienced, has been the shamanic healing and Medicine Wheel, because I’m not only receiving help I’ve needed, I’m learning to take my power back. As problems arise, I now have the tools and the courage to face them.

I’m grateful to be aware of the truth and even more grateful to know there is far more to be understood. It’s a knowing I’ve always had, but I feel it now on a much deeper level. I know I wouldn’t have been able to heal this far without the great shaman who’s been working with me and the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel I’ve been blessed with. My hope for the future, is to proceed forward in my healing and growth. I don’t think I’ll ever finish learning from the Medicine Wheel or those I’ve met through it.”

—Mary Jo