Part 1: 9:00am – 12:00

Music Offering & Lama’s Talk

Casa Alegria & The Butterfly Dome

 (Canaan ~ Mt. Chirripo’)

*    *    *    *    *   *

Part 2: 5:00p – 7:30p

Open Mic with Community

 Special Guest Lama Dorje singing Mantra

 Kapi Kapi Cafe & Eco-Mercado

(San Gerardo ~ Mt. Chirripo’)

Drupon Lama Dorje

“Awakening Our Divine Potential”  

Saturday, January 29, 2022

~ Mt. Chirripo’ ~

It is through the process of Awakening that we are invited to actualize a deeper meaning in life and truly awaken our inner qualities of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity to benefit the whole web of life.

Join Drupon Lama Dorje for a deeper dive into the 4 Foundational Reflections that turn the mind: Precious Human Life, Impermanence, Universal Law of Cause & Effect, and Cyclical Existence to understand how these essential teachings can be applied to daily life situations to balance both our internal and external world and actualize more of our human and divine potentials.

Part 1: Music Offerings & Lama’s Talk at Casa Alegria & The Butterfly Dome

We will begin our day  with Lama Dorje arriving to Casa Alegria for Musical Offerings & to receive Lama’s precious teachings on “Actualizing Our Divine Potential”.  From there, those who Register for 20 – 40 mil (or 10 mil Tico) will be invited to join Lama Dorje for a special segment of music & mantra in the beautiful Butterfly Dome.

 This is a paid event to help support Lama’s teachings and travel.✨🙏✨

A portion of contributions will go to help the Butterfly Dome re-start after being closed due to the pandemic. ✨🦋✨

Sliding Scale: 12 mil – 40 mil ($18 – $62)

(20 mil or above includes Admission to The Butterfly Dome plus Special Music & Mantra with Lama)

Tico price: 6 mil – 10 mil ($9 – $16)

(10 mil or above includes Admission to The Butterfly Dome plus Special Music & Mantra with Lama)

*      *      *      *      *      *     *      *      *      *      *

Part 2: Open Mic with Community

(Kapi Kapi Cafe & Eco-Mercado) 

This Open Mic hosted by: Grant Ifflander

with Special Guest Lama Dorje

 Awaken your Divine Potential with friends by sharing your music, poetry, and other creations with our Mt. Chirripo community. And enjoy amazing organic eats while you’re at it!

 Join us for this fun and powerful way to share our gifts, inspire each other, and create a greater sense of Oneness in community. Lama Dorje will be joining us to experience our amazing musical community first hand, and to share some of his own musical gifts.

P.S. Check out the amazing stock of healthful produce & products and meet rock star proprietors Lazerina & Michael while you’re there!

This event is Free & Open to the Public. 


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