Our Philosophy


 We do One Thing…

 We are conscious creators who facilitate the Shift.

We just happen to do it many different ways.

Our primary interest is in finding the ways and the means by which we ~ as individuals, groups, teams, families, organizations, and communities ~ can come from a thriving and inspiring place of right relationship and Flow. That place where effortlessness, grace, ease, harmony, synchronicity,  synergy, Divine Alignment, and more are not only a norm, but a way of being and a way of life.


We recognize there are many ways and means by which to do this. These, we call, Paths of Awakening.  Those who assist people on the Path of Awakening are known (in Pali) as “Bodhissatvas” or “Bodhis” for short. Both the Paths and how a Bodhi shows up in the world may differ from person to person, culture to culture, community to community. What is the same is that universal principle of harmony, love, joy, ease, purpose, flow, commitment and fulfillment that naturally arises when one awakens to their Authentic & Higher Self and assists others in this effort.


In the process of Awakening, we at The Bodhi Bridge have discovered that a particular combination of approaches is particularly powerful and effective in creating and supporting transformational growth and change.



Innovative & Creative


Holistic (In approach and Economy)


Spiritually-rooted/Open to Faith Paths


Autonomous & Inter-Connected

Integrative (of Body ~ Mind ~ Heart ~ Spirit)

Highly Effective


Whether it’s through collaborative partnerships, programs, initiatives, workshops, retreats, classes, mentorships/internships, talks, outdoor adventures, music, gathering and events,  or group or private services like training, coaching, consulting, mentoring, or integrative healing,  or creating holistic economies, we really do just One Thing. We Create what we wish to see in the world. We facilitate The Shift to do this. We just happen to do it really well, with a lot of love and Intention, and boatloads of Fun and Laughter (okaaay, and a few tears balanced by some great dance moves!) in the process.

Whatever the case, our approaches are holistic, integrative, innovative, and effective. And that’s what matters.

We inspire and empower the Whole ~ body, mind, heart,  and spirit. Our teaching and facilitation processes help people integrate and bring into harmony and wholeness (“right relationship”) the yin-yang, masculine-feminine, right-brain/left-brain, ancient wisdom and modern science, nature and technology, the “shadow” and the light, and other dualistic elements of life.  Our economic structures ~ both philanthropic and entrepreneurial ~ engage the gifts, talents, and resources of All to help increase access to these valuable teachings, tools, practices and resources while being resource generating and reducing dependency.

We are collaborative, not competitive. As Otto Scharmer says, “Our world is  moving from ego-system to eco-system.” We recognize that we are a unique part of a larger thing unfolding. As such, look at how who we are and what we Do can benefit and uplift the eco-system for the well-being of All.



   Flow & Right Relationship  




   Eco-Systems Thinking  

   Innovation & Creativity 


   Conscious Service 

   Conscious Leadership 

   Conscious & Creative Community 

   Empowered Living & Giving



“Bodhisattva” is a Sanskrit word formed from “bodhi” (spiritual awakening, enlightenment) and “sattva” (a being, essence, spirit). A Bodhi is  “A being set upon enlightenment.” Bodhi’s do not aspire to enlightenment purely to free themselves from suffering; they do so out of compassion in order to liberate other sentient beings. (wildmind.org) Cultivating the capacity for loving-kindness, compassion, wisdom, insight, patience and generosity is at the heart of what it is to be a Bodhi.


As Bodhi’s ~ beings who aspire to enlightenment and the liberation of others ~ we also provide “bridges” (means and resources) by which people may navigate their awakening, traverse the great river of understanding, and arrive on a new shore of awareness in which to create new lives of Possibility, Purpose, and Right Relationship. Supporting and championing Bodhis (i.e. facilitators, mentors, teachers, consultants, guides) who assist the many during this Time of Great Change and transition,  is one of the primary purposes and priorities of The Bodhi Bridge.



* It’s a concept and observable/experiential phenomenon that describes a highly harmonious state of “being”, perceiving, behaving, communicating, and choice-making that contributes to a state of “flow” and positive/beneficial “ripple effects” for one’s self and others.

* It happens naturally when we are “in tune” and tapped into our Authentic & Higher “Self”, with “Others”,  with The Situation, with Situations and Natural World, and with a sense of Higher Consciousness (aka “Higher Power”, “Divine Intelligence”, “God”, “Universe”, “Love”, “Oneness”).

* In this state/”space” synchronicity flows; people, situations, things harmonize (even amidst difference/differentiation); synergy produces innovative approaches; a positive ripple effects result and benefit more than anticipated; and the conditions just somehow “feel right”/aligned.

* The atmosphere feels and IS: profoundly honest, transparent, authentic, non-judgmental, productive or beneficial, meaningful, safe, high-functioning, freeing, and often joyful/humorous and down-right FUN!

* It supports autonomy and interconnection without creating dependency/co-dependency. People engage as peers and differentiated partners (not as superior nor inferior); leadership is shared and differentiated; differing authentic perspectives are seen as a “gift” ( not a “threat”); The Situation (even if challenging or painful) is seen as neutral (just “what is”), as an opportunity for curiosity & observation, or as a “Gift” (or something that is possible of becoming a gift of capacity-building, transformation, wisdom, etc…)

* It’s a GREAT way to identify and stay out of Conditioned States and Strategies that lead to “Mis-Givings”, Rescue Dynamics, and other frustrating, yucky, painful stuff!!!!



Part of the paradigm-shift in community, as well as globally, is recognizing that we are (in Otto Scharmer’s words) moving from “ego-system to eco-system”. Traditional business trainings teach organizations to see others as “competition” and “threat”, with whom they must “compete” to “survive.” And that creates a mind-set of scarcity, struggle, protectionism, strategizing, and a whole lot of other “ego-system” dynamics and ways of thinking and being that potentially come at a cost ~ both to self and others.


We think of it this way… While cells may split, divide, and differentiate to become the greater thing they are called to Be (whether heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen), it does not put them in competition with each other.  Rather their health and well-being is essential and intrinsic to the health and well-being of the whole.  As people, groups, and organizations, we  may be different from one another, unique in approach or specialized in particular areas. But (And!) Rocking who we are and what we do ~ consciously and creatively,  individually and collectively ~ is part of what makes not only Us Awesome, but what helps the  whole eco-system (aka community) thrive!


This is why Consciousness and Right Relation/Flow Matters. By learning how to step out of old conditioned states of fear and struggle, and into states of Right Relation and Flow, one experiences a shift in consciousness that sets whole new (and more life-affirming) Possibilities in motion, not only for the benefit of one’s self but also for the well-being of the Whole.



Just as a rising tide lifts all ships,  

the synergy among us up-lifts and elevates

 the One and the Many

toward fulfilling the greater possibilities of our lives.