The Bodhi Bridge

~ A Foundation for Awakening ~

Bodhi Philosophy

What the world needs more than anything are Bodhisattvas, active servants of peace & possibility.

We need bodhisattva lawyers, artists, politicians, doctors, economists, teachers and engineers,

all working tirelessly (better yet, joyfully!) for the enlightenment of themselves and others.”

— Sogyal Rinpoche

Our Mission

Our Mission is two-fold:

We awaken and illuminate the Divine Potential in humanity to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, inspiration, and right relationship ~ from the inside out & the outside in.


We empower service-leaders to address the Opportunities, Needs, and Issues that arise on the path of conscious service, leadership, and awakening… consciously, creatively, and in flow.

Our Why

Because, in our rapidly changing world,  people are “waking up” more quickly than ever.

As people Awaken, a unique series of inner shifts, life transitions, and livelihood changes take place.

Where do I live? Where do I work? Who is my Tribe/Community? How do I use my gifts & talents to make a difference? How do I/We navigate the financial paradigm shift?

So having conscious, creative, well-trained & empowered service-leaders, facilitators, and resources is essential to creating a more harmonious & successful shift… and world…

from the inside & out. 

 Our Purpose

We do One Thing.  

We inspire and empower people to live, lead, and serve from their Authentic & Higher Self and actualize the greater possibilities of their lives & communities. 

We just do it many ways.

Our Offerings

All of our Offerings are anchored in consciousness-based principles & practices of Conscious Engagement & Right Relationship.

We create and customize highly effective, engaging & innovative …

* Talks                        * Trainings

* Mentorships         * Programs

  * 1:1 Services            * Intensives

   * Retreats                 * Gatherings

Our offerings are crafted from an interdisciplinary weaving of ancient wisdom & shamanic teachings with modern science & practical application. Ranging from service & leadership, integrative healing, energy medicine, conscious communication, conscious community-building and conscious business development we empower  humanity to thrive with greater grace, ease, harmony, and flow.

Our Who 

We serve Bright Lights … the Ones who lead & serve The Many… 

Bright Light facilitators, leaders, service providers, healers, coaches, business owners, teams & staff, awesome young adults, their communities & followings…

Bright Lights who are dedicated to being in service to the wholeness, thriving, happiness, and success of humanity & the planet.

Because Changing Times call for inspiring & innovative leaders. 

Your Benefit

Our  work empowers people to become conscious creators, powerful service leaders, skillful guides, models of possibility, and master facilitators of the Shift. 

* Move people, projects & communities forward… consciously & creatively

* Use your gifts & talents to create positive change & thriving livelihood

* Up-level your life, organization, team & community 

* Proactively & consciously address opportunities, needs & issues that arise

* Create & embody greater grace, ease, harmony, thriving, wholeness & abundance.

Our Response to COVID-19 & Navigating Life in Changing Times

How We (and You) Can Help…

Times of Great Change Call for Innovative Action

It is a time of Great Change for the world, the economy, the planet, and for individual lives. For many people, ourselves included, COVID-19 and the various issues facing humanity at this time, have certainly changed things. For some, what’s happening serves as a motivating catalyst to get humanity to shift, pivot, transform and take action in positive ways that we might not have otherwise done. Our lives, businesses, communities and health will be better for it. For others, it is a time of great stress, fear, worry, uncertainty, anger and loss. So, compassionate,  timely,  and effective action are of the essence.

We’ve been considering how we can best serve  our local and global communities during this time &  how we can make a positive difference given the training, resources, and privilege we have.

 💡 We have some ideas…  💡

 And we would love your help.


We know that long before an issue becomes drama, conflict, or loss, it start out as something else. That something else is often anchored in prior experiences, conditioning, imprints and fear-based  thoughts, beliefs, biases and reactions. Relating and engaging from this place often attracts and manifest more of the same.

We know that human beings carry up to at least 14 generations of cellular memory & conditioning from their ancestors (epigenetics). So, imprints, trauma, and conditioned beliefs  are often passed down generationally. As are gifts, talents, and success!

We know that while human beings are 70 – 80% water, we are 100% energy. Since thoughts & beliefs are powerful forms of energy, that makes us walking magnets. Our low vibration (i.e. negative) thoughts & beliefs attract & create low versions of reality. While our high vibration (positive) thoughts & beliefs attract & create more positive, uplifting  and life-affirming realities.

We know that long before symptoms become physical illness (i.e. Covid & other diagnoses), they start out as invisible particles, as energy. This energy often comes in the form of imprints in one’s chakra system, energy field, psyche & somatic body which makes one person more susceptible to contracting illness than others.  Because energy work and integrative healing practices can clear imprints & other patterns, can raise one’s energetic frequency, and can heal on multiple levels simultaneously,  it’s possible to address potential issues early on.


Your Donations Help Us to:

1.  Train more Practitioners. More trained Practitioners means we can serve more people… at more affordable rates.

2. Increase access to our trainings and services for gifted and talented people from diverse communities and age groups. 


3. Create thriving livelihoods (aka “employment”) at a time when safe & meaningful employment is needed most.  

4. Serve the Ones who lead and serve the Many… to help keep those who are serving so many others in great shape.

5. Serve more people remotely (via FaceTime, Whats App, phone, Zoom, or other virtual platforms.). Sooner rather than later… So we can get ahead of the wave. And create a better future… Together.

6. Get at & address some of the root causes that may make someone succeptible to illness, drama, trauma, repeating patterns, or loss… and reverse that trajectory. 

Serve the Ones Who Serve the Many

One of the best ways we can serve is to keep people in great shape, so they can be of service to others and actualize the greater possibilities of their lives… consciously, creatively, and in flow. This is especially important for those service-providers and service-leaders who are in contact with the wider public or who have large followings… The Ones who lead & serve the Many.

There are many reasons for this… especially given the level of responsibility, safety, public well-being, and need for innovative solutions that are currently being called for now.

Because our work can be done remotely… and the work is incredibly effective … One of the best ways we can to this is to train more Integrative Healing Practitioners, Flow Coaches, and Conscious Business Consultants so we can serve more people… affordably.

With more trained Practitioners, we are in a position to safely serve and support service-providers, service-leaders, their teams, organizations, clients and communities.

From a distance. (Yep.)


The added Benefit: When a Practitioner receives a sponsorship for Mentorship, they are not only getting training, they are creating a thriving livelihood doing what they love. This means safe & meaningful employment & making a positive difference in the lives of others at a time when it’s needed most.

From many years of experience and success with these modalities, we know that our work Works… especially when we Team Up and customize, combine or link with other modalities. So, we are in a unique position to provide game-changing & life-changing services… and to train gifted and talented others to serve humanity.

Together, we uplift lives & create Opportunity.

We would love your help to do exactly that.


 Training & Mentoring  conscious creators, gifted and talented young adults,  service providers, and  service-oriented leaders to BE & create positive change…

from the inside out & the outside in.

Private & Group Mentorships

Training & Mentoring conscious leaders of tomorrow Today.

 Work directly with lead mentor, teacher, trainer and consultant, Diana H. Dokos (MEd, CPC, EMP). Diana specializes in transformational leadership, young adult leadership, consciousness-based professional & community development, conscious business development, transformational philanthropy, integrative healing & energy medicine, and shamanic principles & practices for quantum leaps in personal, professional, and social change.

Receive 1:1 or small group private mentorship to assist you in being and becoming the Bright Light you came here to be. Bring greater wholeness, happiness, and harmony to all areas of life, hone your expertise in specific areas of development, and create a thriving livelihood serving humanity with your gifts, talents, skills, and love.  Be & Become a more conscious and effective service-leader modeling inspiring new possibilities and creating new realities.

Modalities include: 1:1 sessions, small group training, coaching, integrative healing, resource & opportunity linking. You will learn & apply consciousness-based principles & practices, shamanic wisdom teachings, mindfulness & meditation, quantum physics, neuroscience, conscious business & philanthropy, and more.

Duration of Mentorship:  Varies

Ideal for: conscious professionals, service-oriented leaders, service providers, gifted & talented young adults, professional 20/30 Somethings, conscious creatives, and other Bright Lights seeking to live more fully in their authentic/higher self, fulfill a higher purpose, add value to their offerings, and contribute to society in powerful ways using consciousness-based & shamanic principles & practices.


Training Bright Lights in service, leadership, and business as a path of Awakening.


Utah, USA

Level 1  Integrative Healing Mentee &

Level 1 Conscious Business Mentee in Training

Seeking Sponsor for Level 2 Training


Utah, USA

Level 1  Integrative Healing Mentee &

Level 1 Flow Coaching Mentee

Seeking Sponsor for Level 2 Training


Costa Rica

Seeking Sponsor for 

Level 1 Integrative Healing Training


Costa Rica

Seeking Sponsor for

Level 1  Integrative Healing Training


Costa Rica

Seeking Sponsor for

Level 1  Integrative Healing Training


Costa Rica

Seeking Sponsor for

Level 1  Integrative Healing Training


Offering transformational services that support & empower the Ones who lead & serve the Many.

1:1 Sessions


Private Mentorships


Flow Coaching

Integrative Healing & Energy Work

Resource Linking

Private 1:1 Retreats & Intensives

Group Services

Teachings, Talks, & Lectures

Group Mentorships

Team/Staff Trainings



Program Development

Community Events


Inspiration & Innovation in Action!

Utah Projects

Stay Tuned... Projects Coming Soon!

Costa Rica Projects

La Escuelita

Little but Mighty!

"It Takes A Village"

Love & Community in Action

Retreats & Events

Bringing Bright Lights & other community members together to learn, grow, play, and give.

Tulku Jigme Rinpoche Talk & Retreat

DATE: TBD 2020 & 2021

LOCATION: Mt. Chirripo', Costa Rica &

Springdale/ Zion Nat'l Park, UT

Stay Tuned... Awesomeness Coming Soon!


 Where the magic happens!

 Our home-bases & epic spaces … here and abroad.

Utah Hubs

Bodhi House - Zion

Springdale, Utah

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Nama-Stay Retreats - Zion

Springdale, Utah

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Costa Rica Hubs

Bodhi House - Mt. Chirripo

Mt. Chirripo, Costa Rica

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Rio Chirripo' Lodge, Costa Rica

Mt. Chirripo', Costa Rica

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Bodhi Bridge Hands SM

Community Partners

We are conscious creators committed to creating a thriving eco-system of Awesome people, opportunities & resources.

Our Team

Diana H. Dokos

Founder & Lead Facilitator

 (Utah, USA & Costa Rica)

Lura Kingsford Bodhi Bridge

Lura Kingsford

Exec Admin/Coach

(Utah, USA)

Jaylee Willis

Monetizing Maven & IHP Mentee

(Utah, USA)

Jessie Holbrook

Design Diva & IHP Mentee

(Utah, USA & Costa Rica)