The Bodhi Bridge

~ A Foundation for Awakening ~

Bodhi Philosophy

“What the world needs more than anything are Bodhisattvas, active servants of peace & possibility.

We need bodhisattva lawyers, artists, politicians, doctors, economists, teachers and engineers,

all working tirelessly (better yet, joyfully!) for the enlightenment of themselves and others.”

— Sogyal Rinpoche

Our Mission

Our Mission is two-fold:

We awaken and illuminate the Divine Potential in humanity to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, inspiration, and right relationship ~ from the inside out & the outside in.


We address the Opportunities, Needs, and Issues that arise on the path of conscious service, leadership, and awakening.

 Our Purpose

We do One Thing. 

We equip motivated individuals, groups, organizations, and communities with the transformational teachings, tools, practices, services, and resources that empower them to lead, live, and serve in their Authentic/Higher Self, navigate change with greater grace and ease, and create thriving and fulfilling lives.

We just do it many ways.

Our Work 

Our work is innovative, highly effective, and timely. 

All of our programs, projects, workshops, trainings, retreats, and services blend consciousness-based principles and practices with modern science, ancient wisdom, and innovative approaches to change lives for the better.  

Because Changing Times call for innovative measures. 


Our Response to COVID-19

Times of Great Change: A Call for Innovative Action

How We (and You) Can Help…

Some Things to Consider

It is a time of Great Change for the world and for individual lives. For many people, ourselves included, COVID-19 is serving as a motivating catalyst to get us to shift, pivot, and innovate in positive ways that we might not have otherwise done. Our lives and our businesses are better for it. For others, it is a time of great stress, fear, worry, and uncertainty… and compassion & timely, effective action are of the essence. 

We’ve been pondering how we might make a positive difference, and have taken some key things into consideration. Below is a short list of some things to consider and to try.

 Our hope is that sharing this with you is a prayer answered, something you’ve been Calling In, or the Next Pro-Active Step you’ve been looking for. 

All things (including people and viruses) are energy before they become forms, symptoms, or illness. As a result, high vibration energy, thoughts, and frequencies tend to attract high vibration people, opportunities, and situations. While    low vibration energy frequencies & patterns tend to repel them.  COVID-19, like other viruses, has a low vibration frequency pattern with a closed electromagnetic circuit structure. Which means, 

For a person who lives in high vibrations, for them, the coronavirus cannot be more threatening than acute respiratory infections. The reason behind this is the body of a healthy man “vibrates” in the higher ranges. 

Serve the Ones Who Serve the Many

Our Intention is to keep people in great shape so they can be of service and actualize the greater possibilities of their lives… consciously, creatively, and in flow.

If you are experiencing any pain and discomfort in your physical body and experience heavy emotions and mental confusion, that is a sign you are holding onto heavier energy within your physical body. 

Good new is.. This denser & heavier energy is the exact thing we clear in our Intergrative Healing Sessions.

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Training Bright Lights in service, leadership, and business as a path of Awakening.

Jaylee Willis

Utah, USA

Level 1  Integrative Healing Mentee

Level 1 Conscious Business Mentee

Jessie Holbrook

Utah, USA

Level 1  Integrative Healing Mentee

Level 1 Conscious Business Mentee


Inspiring & transformational services that empower the Ones who lead & serve the Many.

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Our Team

Diana H. Dokos

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Lura Kingsford

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Jaylee Willis

Utah, USA

Jessie Holbrook

Utah, USA

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