The Bodhi Bridge

~ A Foundation for Awakening ~

Bodhi Philosophy

What the world needs more than anything are Bodhisattvas, active servants of peace & possibility…

We need bodhisattva lawyers, artists, politicians, doctors, economists, teachers and engineers, all working

tirelessly (better yet, joyfully!) for the enlightenment of themselves and others.

— Sogyal Rinpoche

Our Mission

Our Mission is two-fold:

We awaken and illuminate the Divine Potential in humanity to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, inspiration, and right relationship ~ from the inside out & the outside in. And… 

We address the Opportunities, Needs, and Issues that arise on the path of conscious service, leadership, and awakening.

Our Purpose

 We do this by doing One Thing. We just do it many ways.

We equip motivated individuals, groups, organizations, and communities with the transformational teachings, tools, practices, and resources that empower them to live in their Authentic/Higher Self, navigate change, and create thriving and fulfilling lives.

Our Work

We blend modern science, ancient wisdom, and innovative approaches to change lives for the better.

Changing Times call for innovative measures anchored in ancient wisdom, modern science balanced by grounded spirituality,  and conscious, creative, and effective approaches that benefit humanity (and the planet) on multiple levels.

Our trainings, programs, mentorships, and services do just this. Our work is holistic, integrative, interdisciplinary & consciousness-based in nature, and is designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and communities alike.   We offer:

  • Private & Group Mentorships    * Trainings     * Workshops    * Retreats    * 1:1 Private Sessions   * Events   * On-Line Programs


Our Response to COVID-19

Times of Great Change …

A Call for Innovative Action

Training Integrative Healing Practitioners

            Serving the Ones Who Serve the Many

Donate ~ Support Our Work

Our Programs and Services empower people to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, flow and inspiration… from the inside out and the outside in. 
  • Sponsor our Rock Star Mentees! We have an amazing group of young adults wanting training through our “Team UP” and Integrative Healing Practitioner (IHP) Mentorship.
  • Surprise someone you love and believe in!      Gift them Mentorship, Classes,  Programs or Services to rock their world.                                  Gift Certificates Available.
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Community Development Projects (Costa Rica)

Join Us on Mt. Chirripo’ in Costa Rica, where we collaborate with a uniquely integrated eco-system of local educators, facilitators, farmers, artisans, musicians, makers, and retreat centers to move people, projects, and events forward. 

  • Check out the Current & Upcoming Projects we are championing. See one you love? Awesome. Help us moved the projects forward through donations , In Kind support.
  • Support Our Work! Donate and/or participate in meaningful ways that  help us move people and projects forward.
  • Join Us for workshops, classes, retreats     & events.  See first hand how we engage in transformational programs and empowering philanthropy!
  • Experience our amazing community!            Come visit us on Mt. Chirripo’.

Check out the Project links below!

Private Sessions

We offer a variety of services designed to inspire and empower you to create transformational change in  your own life and the lives of others. Working on a program, project, or initiative?  “Team UP” ~ Work with our Team of trained facilitators to help you, your Team, and your project up-level Together.
  • Energy work with trained mentees
  •  Coaching, consulting, and training with professional practitioners
  •  Private  Mentorships with Lead Mentors 
  • And more!
All at non-profit and community rates!
So everyone Wins. And we love that.

Up-Coming & On-Going Programs

 Private & Group Mentorships

 Training & Mentoring  conscious creators, gifted and talented young adults,  service providers and  service-oriented leaders. The Ones who serve the Many. 

Want to expand your personal, professional, spiritual and relational skill sets? Desire a deepening of your understanding and application of consciousness-based teachings, tools, practices in daily life and service? Interested in stepping more fully into your Higher Purpose and Soul’s Journey? Calling in expertise  to assist you as you up-level various parts of your life? Study and mentor with Diana H. Dokos as your inner wilderness guide,  teacher,  trainer, mentor, consultant, integrative healer, and noble friend to help you up-level and  stay true to your  Path. Diana & Team are happy to be of service to your wholeness, happiness, thriving, learning, and success. Private and group mentorships are available on a limited and select basis. Mentorships are customized or by program and vary in frequency of meeting,  length,  duration, and content. Price/exchange is co-created from a place of Ayni, prosperity, and awesomeness.  Focus of content depend on the purpose and  intentions of the individual or group desiring mentorship, and the the opportunities, needs, issues and resources present.

DONATIONS USED FOR: Donations to this project will be used for scholarships for program participation and mentorship for talented and gifted students who are dedicated to learning and being of service to community . Diana would love to be able to offer mentorship in Spanish, as well. Use of funds would go to  to sponsor local Costa Ricans (aka “Ticos”) and other Spanish speaking students, develop curriculum, and  hire translators. More about this project

Sponsor Our Mentees 

One of the most empowering forms of philanthropy, is to help someone create a thriving livelihood... and to make dreams a reality.  Through Bodhi Bridge mentorships, we equip our student-leaders  with the teachings, tools, practices, and resources to succeed in that endeavor. We work closely with our Mentees to assist them in  learning and applying consciousness-based principles and practices in the areas of service that empower them to use their gifts, talents, and genius to benefit clients, projects, and communities… and to create thriving lives and actualize dreams in the process.

Your Sponsorship makes Mentorship possible for these  talented and dedicated students (Mentees), and for others. Click on the videos below to learn more about our Mentees and  click on the Sponsorship buttons to fund them.

For questions or more information on sponsoring a student(s), contact us at:        +1 (435) 922-0178 or        +1 _________ ( Whats App)

Chelo (Costa Rica/U.S.)

Chelo (Costa Rica/U.S.)

"Team UP" & IHP Level 1 - Mentee

Rebecca (Costa Rica)

Rebecca (Costa Rica)

"Team UP" & IHP Level 1 Mentee

Ursula (Costa Rica/Peru)

Ursula (Costa Rica/Peru)

"Team UP" & IHP Level 1 Mentee

 Mari (Costa Rica)

Mari (Costa Rica)

"Team UP" &IHP Level 1 Mentee

Mentee #5 (Costa Rica/U.S.)

Mentee #5 (Costa Rica/U.S.)

"Team UP" ~ B-Track- Mentee

Jaylee (Utah/USA)

Jaylee (Utah/USA)

"Team UP" & B-Track Mentee

Danielle (Arizona ~ USA)

Danielle (Arizona ~ USA)

"Team UP"/IHP Level 1 Mentee

Jessie (Utah/Costa Rica)

Jessie (Utah/Costa Rica)

"Team UP" & IHP Level 1 Mentee

       “Team UP” Community Trainings & Mentorship Programs

Fulfill a higher purpose.                                                                                                  Move people, projects, communities & creators forward …                   consciously & creatively.

Teaming Up with awakened and gifted others is one of our greatest opportunities for moving people, projects,  communities and creators  forward…consciously and creatively… Together. Our “Team UP” trainings and programs vary by topic and length and are designed for service-oriented people who are interested in assisting clients and program participants with  up-leveling and integration their lives… and leading by example. The program focuses on equipping practitioners with  consciousness-based principles & practices, indigenous/shamanic wisdom teachings, quantum physics, neuroscience, neurolinguistics, conscious service & leadership principles & practices, ceremony, music, and more and teaching them how to apply these tools and concepts in service to humanity & the planet. As part of our efforts to facilitate humanity’s conscious evolution, we equip participants with transformational teachings, tools, and practices that inspire and empower them to live in their Authentic & Higher Self, clear old patterns, blocks, and imprints,  collaborate more harmoniously, communicate more consciously, navigate  life’s changes and transitions with more grace and ease, embrace meaningful opportunities, fulfill a sense of Soul Purpose/ Calling/ Destiny … and more. Our current “Team UP” program uses a Medicine Wheel approach to conscious service and leadership that empowers people to step into the greater possibilities of their lives:        PART 1: Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel (click here for more info) PART 2: Mentorship (Group & Private) A-Track : Integrative Healing Practitioner (IHP)     (click here for more info) B-Track: Project UP-Level (Team, Project & Business Development) (click here for more info)

DONATIONS USED FOR: Donations to this project will be used for scholarships for program participation and mentorship for talented and gifted students who are dedicated to being of service. We would love to be able to offer this program in Spanish and to use funds to sponsor local Costa Ricans (aka “Ticos”) and other Spanish speaking students, develop curriculum,  hire translators, and provide child care as needed. More about this project

The Journey:

   A Conscious Service & Leadership

   Medicine Wheel

 (4 Direction Series: South, West, North, East)

             South: December 11 – 13,  2019 &

    IHP Level 1: December 14 – 15, 2019

                                      Finca Mia

                        Mt. Chirripo’ (Costa Rica)

This program is designed for facilitators and service providers who know that positive social change begins from the inside out and are interested in learning and applying ancient/indigenous wisdom, modern science, mindfulness, energy medicine, and conscious service & leadership principles and practices into their daily lives and professions. Using a Medicine Wheel approach, this 4 Direction program inspires and empowers participants to be more conscious, creative, and effective in the ways they relate, live,  serve, lead, give and create. As a part of our efforts to facilitate humanity’s conscious evolution, this program equips participants with transformational teachings, tools, and practices to live into their Authentic & Higher Self,  hold space for others in powerful ways,  clear old patterns, blocks, heavy energy and  imprints, come into alignment (“ayni”) with one’s self and others, more gracefully navigate  life’s changes and transitions, embrace meaningful opportunities,  fulfill a greater sense of Soul Purpose/ Calling/ Destiny… and more. Read More about this project

Read more about this project

Mentorship: A~Track

 Integrative Healing Practitioner (IHP)

       IHP Level 1: December 14 – 15, 2019                 Follows CSL Medicine Wheel: Dec 11 – 13, 2019

                                   Finca Mia

                   Mt. Chirripo’ (Costa Rica)

This training equips healing arts practitioners with the tools, practices, and modalities for empowering their clients to  move forward on their soul’s evolutionary journey and to help address the opportunities, needs, and issues that arise on the path of awakening. The journey to fulfill one’s soul purpose/Calling is filled with immense opportunity and fulfillment, invitations for growth and up-leveling, obstacles to be faced and overcome, and wounds, imprints, or patterns to be healed and cleared so that the greatest version(s) of one’s life, relationships, and Calling can be more fully actualized.  Advances in integrative healing and energy medicine make this not only  possible, but far more  swift, easy, and effective  than most people realize. This innovative program is for new or existing healing arts practitioners who have truly done their own personal work and wish to develop their skills and mastery for working with clients as a Level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5  Integrative Healing Practitioner. Participation in the CSL Medicine Wheel program is required for acceptance to this program. For more information about the IHP Mentorship, contact us: +1 (503) 616-1177. More about this project

Mentorship: B~Track 

Project UP-Level

       (Conscious Team, Project & Business Development)  

                Dates TBD with Group

               Mt. Chirripo’ (Costa Rica)                       

This interdisciplinary program is for IHP Practitioners,  individuals, teammates, business development specialists, and others  who are interested in collaborating and applying consciousness-based teachings, tools, and practices into moving people and projects forward … on the Team, project and/or business development side of things. Collaborating powerfully and harmoniously, communicating & meeting needs consciously, up-leveling smoothly, and clearing patterns and wounded contracts early on can help individuals, teams, and organizations more gracefully navigate change & transition and become powerful manifestos or resources and  conscious creators of Good. This is essential during this time of humanity’s awakening and evolution. Working in your zones of genius and Teaming UP with committed and talented others gives one an opportunity to create awesomeness, help move others forward, up-level personally/ professionally/ spiritually, and fulfill a higher purpose in ways one cannot do solo. Participation in the CSL Medicine Wheel program, application, and selection is required for acceptance to this Mentorship program. For more information about the Project UP-Level Mentorship, contact us:  or   +1 (503)-616-1177 via Whats App. More about this project

Community Development Projects

Actualizing the greater Possibilities.       

 Moving people, projects, and communities forward…  consciously and creatively!

 Projects on Mt. Chirripo’ (Costa Rica)

              As a U.S.-based 501c3 foundation & service organization with global reach, we have the opportunity to work with amazing international communities.                        Our first global sister community is nestled high up in the cloud forests of Mt. Chirripo’, Costa Rica & Central America’s tallest mountain. Home to a conscious eco-system of locally owned retreat centers, organic growers & producers, talented artisans, master musicians, indigenous communities, local “Ticos”, extranjeros, int’l visitors, and more, community harmony and  mutually beneficial collaborations are Key to success. 

Our consciousness-based work and collaboration with friends, colleagues, and community partners gives us the opportunity to contribute to that harmony and success.  The added bonus is, You can join Us! When it’s winter in the U.S./Northern hemisphere, it’s warm, sunny and gorgeous in Costa Rica ~ a perfect opportunity to join Us  or to facilitate retreats, trainings, and workshops of your own. Together, we can build a global bodhi bridge, to learn from  with each other… to experience “Pura Vida” ~               the Pure Life. 

“Team UP!”

( December  2019- 2020)   We are currently raising funds to sponsor gifted, talented, and dedicated students for “Team UP” .

To support the success and up-leveling of our community partners, people & projects we care about, and the  guests & clients we serve, we are launching “Team UP”.  

This program is dedicated to training & equipping service-leaders & healing arts practitioners with consciousness-based  teachings, tools, and practices that empower them to assist with the up-leveling, awakening, and clearing process that naturally occurs when clients are embracing the greater Possibilities of their lives and before and after clients attend retreats, trainings, workshops, programs and journeys.

Funds Used for:                   * Student Sponsorships     * Curriculum Develop         * Spanish Translation

Read more…

 HeartWalk Foundation & the Q’ero of Peru

Our CSL Medicine Wheel & IHP Program collaborate with HWF to directly benefit the Q’ero of Peru by giving back to indigenous peoples who are sharing transformational wisdom & healing teachings for these changing Times. Empowering their communities to preserve sacred teachings, ancient cultures, and create thriving lives. Our purchases of mestanas for our programs helps to fund Heartwalk’s work with the Q’ero to build greenhouses & alpaca barns, preserve culture & create Q’ero honoring schools & education. Funds Used for:                  * Building green houses     * Alpaca barns                      * Preserving culture             * Supporting education

“La Escuelita”

 Waldorf School at Finca Mia

This grassroots  initiative  supports the efforts of Finca Mia, the children’s families, and local community & to create & expand consciousness-based Waldorf education for local  & global families. Accreditation and teacher training are essential for the existence of the school & success of this future generation.      Music & Movement are key components  of this program. 

Funds Used for:           * Accreditation expenses   * Teacher Trainings                * Music & Movement          * Curriculum & supplies

Read more…

“It Takes A Village”  

Mt. Chirripo’ Eco-System Development Pilot-Project

Life is Good here on Mt. Chirripo’… Love, talent, skills, and opportunities abound. And, things could also be better. Especially in the area of right livelihood & economic thriving, consciousness education for our Littles, and resources that benefit the wider community… and in turn, benefit the wider world and care of our planet.

How to mindfully make the most of Opportunities, while cultivating harmony with others, and contributing the the well-being of the wider community is often the question, the challenge… and the Invitation. This pilot-project endeavors to do that.

Funds used for:     * Economic development of local artisans & businesses                          * “La Escuelita”                 * Local community projects                              * Music events                  * “Team UP” support of project participants            * More…

Public Talk & Private Retreat with Rinpoche Tulku Jigme

Dates TBD!   2020

* Private Retreat:    2020                       (Rio Chirriopo’ Lodge) (Canaan, Costa Rica)

* Public Talk:    2020      (Location: TBD)  

Stay tuned for more info! Prices by Tiers. Registration opens soon!

Join us for this precious opportunity to study with the Venerable Tulku Jigme Rinpoche, reincarnated Tibetan Buddhist meditation & philosophy teacher, advisor to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama & Director of the Palmo Center in Eugene, OR. 

Whether you are new to meditation or have an active meditation & mindfulness practice, sitting with Rinpoche is such a treat, as he blends  humor & insight relevant to these changing times.

Funds used for:         * Rinpoche & Asst’s travel expenses                 * Student sponsorships         * Space Rental(s)

Up-Coming Events & Retreats

Tulku Jigme Rinpoche

Talk & Retreat

“Mindfulness, Vipassana & the Way of the Bodhisattva”

(Mt. Chirripo’ ~ Costa Rica)

Dates TBD ~ 2020

* 2 day Private Retreat  ~ Rio Chirripo’ Lodge

 * 2 hour Public Talk  ~ Canaan Location TBD

We are deeply honored by this rare and precious opportunity to host and study with beloved Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy & Dharma teacher, Venerable Tulku Jigme Rinpoche.  Whether you are new to a path of mindfulness, awakening, and Buddhist teachings, or have been studying, sitting, and practicing mindfulness for decades, sitting with Rinpoche is such a treat! Please join us for this opportunity to Be in heart–centered community cultivating our individual and collective capacity for peace, harmony, loving-kindness, calm abiding, and present moment attention, while deepening of our understanding and application of mindfulness-based teachings, tools, and practices for daily life, service, and community well-being.

FUNDS USED FOR:  Rinpoche & his Assistant’s travel costs, scholarships for program participants,  mentorships for our “Team UP”/IHP Practitioner program, and Rinpoche’s Palmo Center Wish List items.

More about Rinpoche Tulku Jingme & this Event

Private Retreat & Co-Working Spaces

            For Bright Lights, Bodhis, service-leaders, workshop facilitators, coaches, healers, conscious business

owners, and others who are committed to moving people, projects, and communities forward…

Enjoy private retreats, intensives, and working retreats in breath-taking and inspiring locales…

before you need them!

          “Bright Lights”, Bodhis, and service-leaders are the very people who often generously give to others the very kinds of training, resources, guidance, and support              they could benefit from receiving themselves. By investing in the well-being of service leaders and service providers, we help to keep the Ones Who Serve the Many             in great shape… not because there is a “need” (like a struggle, health issue, burn out, or other issue) but because there is a valuable Opportunity to invest in                        the the very Ones who contribute powerfully to the people, projects, organizations, and communities they serve.

Because these are the “Bright Lights” who make the world a better place.

Rio Chirripo’ Lodge & Wellness Retreat  ~ Mt. Chirripo’, Canaan (Costa Rica)

Join us in this exquisitely beautiful & privately owned 10 acre retreat center for one of our transformational leadership retreats, private retreat intensive, team trainings, community workshops, or rejuvenating healing arts programs … or host your own. Our talented team of facilitators and wellness specialists are happy to be in service to your or your retreat guests’ wholeness, happiness, thriving, and success.

Nestled in the wooded valley beside the fast flowing Chirripo River, Rio Chirripo Lodge & Wellness Retreat  is part boutique hotel, part refuge from the pressures of a busy world. Explore the lush tropical grounds, immerse in  your trainings, co-work with ease, experience integrative massage, energy work, and other modalities, and dine on delectable locally sourced healthy cuisine.With 6 comfortable rooms and 4 deluxe suites, 2 yoga studios, healing arts spa, co-working cafe, fireplace, pizza lounge, pool, hot tubs, organic gardens, enchanted jungle forest, and more,   Rio Chirripo’ is the perfect place to enjoy a get-away weekend or weeklong workshop.

Read More …

*Bodhi House (Chirripo’) ~ Mt. Chirripo’, San Gerardo de Rivas (Costa Rica)

Located in the lush green cloud forest and mountain jungle of Mt. Chirripo, Costa Rica and Central America’s tallest mountain. Our property is backed by a gorgeous river, banana trees, tropical flowers, and Talamanca Nature Reserve. Join us in our beautiful 2 story mountain cabin with shared retreat & co-working space for leaders, facilitators, service-providers, consultants, and others  in service to the local and global community. Click here to Read More …

Bodhi House (Zion)  

Springdale/Zion Nat’l Park, Utah (USA)

       Stay at the Bodhi House for Free when you help move Bodhi Bridge people and projects forward!

Located on a private retreat lane in the breath-taking red rock canyons of Springdale, Utah, this sweet sanctuary space of a property has stunning views of the mountains at every turn. Added Bonus for retreat & workshop facilitators… Nama~Stay Retreat & Suites is one of our collaborative partners. When you stay at the Bodhi House, you can host your group retreat or workshop at Nama-Stay, which means you are just steps away from the facilitation space, yet have your own private space in which to rest, renew, and Be. We are just a short walk from the downtown village, complete with locally owned restaurants, shops, outdoor gear, music, and more… and are a short shuttle ride from Zion National Park.

Work, retreat, rest, renew, Vision, and adventure your way into this next version of your life and offerings… and help us move our people and projects forward in the process.  (Available Now!) Click here to Read More …

Our Bodhi Bridge Team

Diana H Dokos

Diana H Dokos

Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer, Lead Bodhi, Lead Facilitator

Diana does One Thing… She just does it in many different ways. Diana founded, holds the Vision, and  guides the direction for The Bodhi Bridge. With over 25 years of expertise in human potential devleopment through education, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, music and the healing arts, she develops programs, services, classes & initiatives that transform lives.

Lura A Kingsford

Lura A Kingsford

Awesomeness Administrator, Advisor, Board Member

Lura provides leadership support, consult, and business oversight to The Bodhi Bridge. She is a supervisory trainer and performance coach, certified in appreciation, leadership, and team leadership business trainings and holds an MBA. She trains supervisors so their people feel like skipping to work. Lura’s mission in life is to help people make their lives easier, fun, fulfilled, joyful, balanced, and prosperous.

Amanda Monroy Nelson

Amanda Monroy Nelson

Communications & Event Coordination Liaison

Stay tuned… More on Amanda soon!

What is Consciousness?

This video features: Edgar Mitchell, Deepak Chopra, Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin and Cassandra Vieten in an exploration of the Mysteries of Inner Space. For almost 40 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has explored the fundamental powers and potentials of consciousness using the tools of basic science.