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This is not “business as usual”. This is business as Possible.


We are part of an eco-system that helps Awesomeness… and yes, Miracles… Happen. Our Intention is for our clients, guests, and our community (aka  eco-system) to thrive with a level of grace, ease, harmony, right relation and flow that inspires and enriches All of Life.


As Community Partners, we are committed to engage consciously, creatively and compassionately with our clients and guests, with life,  with each other, with the natural world and the wider world.  We are here to create conscious community,  serve our clients’ happiness, wholeness, and success, and to discover What Is Really True and Possible when individuals, groups, organizations, and communities work together consciously and creatively.


The Bodhi Bridge and its Community Partners serve in a variety of capacities to support the growth and conscious evolution of our clients, guests, teams, and communities.  We are commited to the wellness of body, mind, heart, and spirit and as such, offer integrated support for our clients’ and guests’ journeys. 


We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with and to promote the inspiring and empowering work of our Community Partners:



The Bridge Health Recovery Center

This innovative and transformative holisitc health recovery program restores life to living again. 30 + talented, compassionate, and conscious providers provide complimentary services to move people from pain to possibility. Serves people with chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and other health-related issues.

Zion National Park


Appreciation Mindset Training

Creative Art Spa

The Women’s Influence Center.

For more information about the center
or any of their upcoming events
call 435-628-1658
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Nama-Stay Retreat Home

Zion Guru