We do not do “charity”. We DO do inspiration, capacity building, and empowerment. This is why our mentees, clients, and programs participants make amazing break-throughs and become conscious creators. As an organization, we are as self-sustaining as possible through our fee-based services and programs. And, all of our program participants contribute in meaningful ways… Through their own financial investments, dedication, and commitment, through service and work-trade, through assisting us with running project, programs, and events, and through other creative means. That means,  your contributions help us to “bridge the gap” ~ the gap between what our participants are able to financially contribute and our actual program costs. Below: Select from our menu of Donation Options and a Dollar amount for your contribution. (See “What Your Donations Support” below for more information.) Thank You for your sponsorship and your generosity. Thank You for investing in Awesomeness! Your Donation is tax-deductible. Woot!!


A-Track: IHP Integrative Healing Practitioner
B-Track: Conscious Business

Help Us move people, project, and communities forward... consciously & creatively.

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Below is a brief description of our Programs, Giving Opportunities and Wish List.  

Check out how your donations will be used to create Awesomeness! 

Where it’s needed most: Donation will be unrestricted and directed where they're needed most. Unrestricted donations increase our capacity and our ability to respond to time-sensitive priorities, opportunities and needs.
(Suggested donation: Any amount helps.)

Sponsor our Training Institute: Donations support the purchase and operation of our home-base ~ a space in which we can offer workshops, trainings, classes, and leadership retreats. We currently have 2 opportunities to purchase properties: 1) In lush, tropical, and stunning Mt. Chirripo' (Costa Rica) and 2) In the breath-taking and awe-inspiring red rock canyons of Zion National Park (Springdale, UT). This would be the home-base hub for our Leadership Retreat, Training Institute, Social Impact Hub, and Healing Arts Center.
(Suggested Donation: Any amount makes a difference. $25K - $100k and above = Sponsor a Room in the Center in Costa Rica with your or your organization's name on it. $10K - $20K helps us to operate the Center and pay for staff as we get up and running in our first year.)  

Mentee Sponsorships: Donations help us provide training, mentorship, education, and support for the work of talented leaders, interns & mentees. Our "Bright Lights" &  "Bodhis"  (some of whom are young adults, college students, and women training to be coaches, healers, facilitators, or leaders) are committed to providing valuable service and leadership to local communities and clients, and help us to run Bodhi Bridge programs, retreats, and trainings.
(Suggested Donation: = $500 - $2,000 per Level of Training for mentorship & training series.)

"Team UP" Trainings & Mentorships: Donations support Team, Facilitator  & Mentee Trainings, program development, and scholarships for our "Bright Light" Mentees (many of whom are young adults and women).  The "Team UP" program focuses on moving people, projects, and communities forward... consciously and creatively... and to addressing the opportunities, needs, and issues that  arise on the path of  service, leadership, and awakening.
(Suggested donation: Any amount.  Program Cost = $1,000 - $3,000/person per Level of Training & Mentorship.)

Integrative Healing Practitioner (IHP)  Mentorship Program (Sponsorships): Donations support partial and full sponsorships for our Mentees who are accepted into the program. This training and certification program trains select Mentees who have demonstrated a gift and potential as integrative healers and energy medicine practitioners. The program consists of 5 Parts:

*Part 1: Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel (to learn and embody the consciousness-based teachings, tools, and practices);

Part 2: Integrative Healing Practitioner Training Intensives;

Part 3: Practicum in hands-on healing sessions;

Part 4: Mentorship Meetings & Supervised Sessions;

Part 5: Service to deepen the application of their skills and provide value to local community.

(Suggested Donation: $1,000 - $3,000 per Level. 4 IHP Training Levels Cost: $10,000. Advanced Classes Cost: $2,500.)

Conscious Service & Leadership (CSL) "Medicine Wheel" - 4 Part Series (Sponsorships): Donations support partial and full sponsorships for program participants. Designed as personal healing and empowerment journey, The Medicine Wheel is both life-affirming and deeply transformational. The origin of these teachings, tools, and practices come from the shamanic traditions of the Q’ero of Southern Peru, with additional teachings rooted in other forms of indigenous wisdom, mindfulness, neuroscience, quantum physics, and energy medicine practices.
(Suggested Donation: Any amount.  Program Cost = $1,000/person per class or $4,000/person for full 4 Part Series.)

Leadership Retreats (Sponsorships): Donations provide partial or full sponsorships for individuals and groups to join us on conscious service & leadership retreats. These specialized retreats and staff trainings support the conscious leadership development and much needed renewal for  leaders and/or staff of non- profits, service organizations, spiritual organizations. Help us reach and serve the One's who reach and serve the Many!
(Suggested Donation: Any amount. Program Costs = $600 - $1,000 per day/per person for 2-3 Full Days of Training & Retreat.)

"Dream Builder" ~ 12 Week On-Line Program (Sponsorships): This 12 week inspirational journey supports participants in defining, designing, testing, and living into their dream. Participants plant the seed of their dream, and then prepare, cultivate, and weed the soil of consciousness to give that seed the very best chance of growing into the life they have imagined.
(Suggested Donation: Any amount. Program Cost = $500 matching funds per participant.)

Sessions with Our Mentees or Mentors ( for Individuals or Groups): Donations provide partial or full sponsorships for clients to receive valuable individual or group sessions. The Bodhi Bridge provides valuable fee-based services for navigating change and transition, healing, learning, and leading an awakened and empowered life. Our integrative approach includes a series of holistic Services like: Transformational Coaching, Integrative Healing, Conscious Leadership Consulting, Small Business Development, and more.
(Suggested Donation: Any amount. Program Costs =  Matching funds of $50 - $80/person per session, $300 - $400 for 6 sessions, $600 - $800 for 12 weeks of sessions.)



It doesn't take much. Sometimes a little goes a very long way. Besides, it's Fun!

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