“Escuelita Finca Mia” Expansion Project

There is a need to make a difference in the world, and we believe education is the seed to make these shifts. Escuelita Finca Mia is one of the global gardens supporting changes through alternative education; consciously planting seeds to create a brighter future.

Embraced by the foothills of the Cerro Chirripo Reserve, we are an enchanting Waldorf school. Established in 2015 upon the dreams and efforts of a few local families, we have been and continue to be encouraged by our community. With open hearts, we ask that you join our extended family in supporting Escuelita Finca Mia with the next phase of our development.

Mission of Escuelita Finca Mia

As a Waldorf inspired school, all children are valued as unique and growing members of our vibrant community. Our central purpose is to educate through practical, creative, artistic and social focuses, which allows us to develop a lifelong love of learning in every child. We are nurturing creative minds and compassionate hearts through:

  • Creating a basic empowering of individuals for a brighter future through the seed of education
  • Building Chirripo’s leadership capacity and expansion into the local and global community
  • Inspiring others to a new level of awareness and integration of what’s possible

Who We Serve

  • Primarily the Mt. Chirripo communities and other local villages (4,000-6,000 habitants)
  • As we continue to grow, members of the closest city: San Isidro
  • Global visitors who come to this area for workshops, trainings, retreats, etc.

All are able to experience La Escuelita and the ripple effect it has on the community

How We Serve

  • Develop Creative Thinkers and Innovators

We are mindful of the different learning styles and present information in a way that can be perceived and remembered by all types. This allows each student to generate an authentic understanding and expression of what is being shared which encourages the desire to discover. Using art, music, storytelling and movement, as opposed to only sitting and memorizing, we teach math, science, technology, language, etc. in an active way where all types thrive.

Through being connected to themselves, these motivated students have a desire to improve and positively impact their community. They know their gifts and they know how to share those gifts to better those around them.

  • Serve The Whole By Making Others A Priority

We teach students to recognize opportunities within the community and how to serve in response. By shifting the outlook from self-centered, “me” focused individuals to ones of compassion and community awareness, children can create solutions with practical, actionable steps, becoming responsible change makers.

Direct effects of this work have been planting trees, picking up trash, and using locally sourced supplies to: make handicrafts, make cheese, roast coffee, and grow, cook, prepare and serve farm to table dinners. The profit from some of these visions was pumped back into the school, allowing for the further development of heart-centered humans with a desire to positively impact the world.

  • Honor The Waldorf Values At Home

Our School for Families will guide parents on anthroposophy, encouraging parents to practice the Waldorf ethics at home creating a positive ripple effect on the family, community and beyond.

  • Celebrate Diversity

Our school welcomes students from many different cultural backgrounds, as well as a wide range of socio-economic and spiritual diversity.

We encourage our students to respect and celebrate their differences by learning about each other’s lifestyles and honoring culture no matter their beliefs. By bridging the gap between these communities from across sectors and traditions that tend toward struggle or separation, we grow, commune, and create…Together.

  • Spread Consciousness To The Community And The World

Embracing Waldorf core values encourages our teachers, students and families to cultivate the vision of shifting education into more creative ways of empowering, living, relating, serving, leading, and giving.

In conjunction with that vision, a growing stream of like-minded individuals are coming to the Chirripo Mountain for yoga retreats, awareness programs, business development and real estate engrossment. Merging these two forces means that as we infuse our children and the community with consciousness, we immediately affect global visitors for a larger, faster impact, thus, changing the world.

Our Opportunity

Currently, we employ two local teachers who provide a Waldorf inspired preschool education to 8 children, ranging in age from 4-6.

We have been able to grow and maintain momentum through the generosity of the community who donates materials and the local retreat center, Finca Mia who gifted the use of the site and building for the preschool and first grade classrooms. Additionally, fundraising events such as concerts and auctions hosted by the families of Escuelita Finca Mia provides the resources for daily happenings.

Our Needs

Through our expansion, we have discovered the need to become accredited which will allow for local Tico children to continue participating in the elementary grades of the school. With your support, we intend to provide a Costa Rican government approved education which will allow us to serve 14 preschool and elementary school students, ranging in age from 4-8 by 2020. In addition, we can continue to pay the local teacher’s salaries and provide ongoing Waldorf Teacher Trainings and mentorships. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Funding would be used for:

  • Legal fees & gov’t fees for essential Accreditation
  • Training & curriculum for teachers, staff, and parents
  • Waldorf Teacher Trainings
  • Music Together in Schools teacher training & supplies
  • Consulting/Up-Leveling Support
  • Scholarships for local children
  • Salaries- teachers, principal, specialty teachers (language, music, agriculture, art)
  • Administrative costs- accountant