Drupon Lama Dorje Projects & Events


Awakening and living into our essence (“Buddha nature”) is one of our greatest opportunities for moving people, projects, communities, and creators forward… in this lifetime and beyond. Join us for this rare and precious opportunity to Be in conscious community (sangha) and study teachings, tools, and practices for Awakening ” with master dharma teacher, Drupon Lama Dorje.  In the process, join us in our collective intention and effort to benefit the wider community and global family…consciously and creatively. DONATIONS USED FOR:  Lama & his Assistant’s travel costs, Diana’s participation in the “Fountain of Wisdom” intercultural trip to Peru, support for creating Lama’s Retreat Center in Costa Rica, scholarships for program participants, and Lama’s Wish List items. (See Program Descriptions below for more information.)
  • Tier 4: Angel Donor ~ Contributions help us move valuable consciousness work forward (i.e. community projects, property fund,  programs/mentorships, more)
  • Tier 3: Bodhi Patron ~ Contributions help us sponsor mentees & community projects
  • Tier 2: Esteemed Partner ~ Contributions help us sponsor Retreat participants
  • Tier 1: Community Partner (Local – Limited #) ~ Reserved for a qualifying # of local retreat participants. Covers basic costs.
Sponsor someone you love and believe in to participate in these powerful programs!