Part of the paradigm-shift in community, as well as globally, is recognizing that we are (in Otto Scharmer’s words) moving from “ego-system to eco-system”. Traditional business trainings teach organizations to see others as “competition” and “threat”, with whom they must “compete” to “survive.” And that creates a mind-set of scarcity, struggle, protectionism, strategizing, and a whole lot of other “ego-system” dynamics and ways of thinking and being that potentially come at a cost ~ both to self and others.

We think of it this way… While cells may split, divide, and differentiate to become the greater thing they are called to Be (whether heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen), it does not put them in competition with each other.  Rather their health and well-being is essential and intrinsic to the health and well-being of the whole.  As people, groups, and organizations, we  may be different from one another, unique in approach or specialized in particular areas. But (And!) Rocking who we are and what we do ~ consciously and creatively,  individually and collectively ~ is part of what makes not only Us Awesome, but what helps the  whole eco-system (aka community) thrive!

This is why Consciousness and Right Relation/Flow Matters. By learning how to step out of old conditioned states of fear and struggle, and into states of Right Relation and Flow, one experiences a shift in consciousness that sets whole new (and more life-affirming) Possibilities in motion, not only for the benefit of one’s self but also for the well-being of the Whole.

Just as a rising tide lifts all ships,  

the synergy among us up-lifts and elevates

the One and the Many

toward fulfilling the greater possibilities of our lives.


This is not “business as usual”. This is business as Possible.

We are part of an eco-system that helps Awesomeness… and yes, Miracles… Happen. Our Intention is for our clients, guests, and our community (aka  eco-system) to thrive with a level of grace, ease, harmony, right relation and flow that inspires and enriches All of Life.

As Community Partners, we are committed to engage consciously, creatively and compassionately with our clients and guests, with life,  with each other, with the natural world and the wider world.  We are here to create conscious community,  serve our clients’ happiness, wholeness, and success, and to discover What Is Really True and Possible when individuals, groups, organizations, and communities work together consciously and creatively.

The Bodhi Bridge and its Community Partners serve in a variety of capacities to support the growth and conscious evolution of our clients, guests, teams, and communities.  We are commited to the wellness of body, mind, heart, and spirit and as such, offer integrated support for our clients’ and guests’ journeys.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with and to promote the inspiring and empowering work of our Community Partners: