Conscious Service & Leadership ~ Medicine Wheel (CSL MW)


The Medicine Wheel is a transformational 4-Part series for personal transformation, healing, and creation, using ancient wisdom for modern times. Purpose: to empower participants in their conscious evolution, conscious engagement, and  graceful navigation of this Time of Great Change.   Powerfully designed, the program integrates consciousness-based wisdom teachings, tools, practices and resources ranging from:
  • Indigenous wisdom teaching
  • Shamanic principles & practices
  • Eastern Thought/Mindfulness
  • New Thought
  • Quantum physics
  • Neuro-science
  • Energy medicine
  • Integrative Healing
  • Music/Sound
  • Conscious Service & Leadership
  • Conscious Business
  • and more…
This program is typically offered in (4) 30+ hour training intensives over 4 months to 1 year, with each Direction building upon the prior one. Additional Special Workshops and sessions may be offered to supplement these teachings.   Note: Successful participation in the CSL Medicine Wheel is a requirement for selection and participation in the Integrative Healing Practitioner (IHP) Program.   (See Program Description below for more information.)
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Option 1: MW Class & IHP Mentorship

Option 1 Includes:
* CSL Medicine Wheel Class
(Directions: South, West, North, East)
* IHP Integrative Healing Practitioner Mentorship
  (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & Certification)
  (Option: Level 5-Adv available)
* Energy Work Sessions

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

        Cost (Early Bird)
* CSL Medicine Wheel: $1,000 (per Direction)
* IHP Mentorship: $1,500 (per Level)
* Energy Work Sessions w/ Mentees: $500 (per Direction)
(1 Session w/Lead Teacher. Add'l sessions as avail.)
Total per Direction/per Level:  $3,000**
Total for 4 Directions + IHP Levels 1 - 4: $12,000**

** Early Bird Pricing

Pay for Option 1

Option 2: CSL MW Class + Energy Work Sessions (w Mentees)

Option 2 Includes:
* CSL Medicine Wheel Class
   ~  Rites & Ceremonies
   ~  Monthly Integration Calls
   ~ Private FaceBook Group
* 3 Private Energy Work Sessions by trained Mentees
           *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Cost: $1,250 (Per Direction)** or
         $5,000 (All 4 Directions with Mentee Sessions)**

** Early Bird Pricing

Pay for Option 2

Option 3: CSL MW Class Only

Option 3 Includes:
* CSL Medicine Wheel Class
  ~ Monthly Integration Calls
  ~ Private FaceBook Group

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Cost: $1,000 (Per Direction)* or
         $4,000 (All 4 Directions)*

* Early Bird Pricing

Pay for Option 3

Diana H Dokos MEd, CPC, EMP Founder ~ The Bodhi Bridge  Lead Facilitator for CSL MW



 2 Locations:

*  In the sacred cloud forest of  Mt. Chirripó (Costa Rica)

*  In breath-taking Springdale, Utah (gateway to Zion National Park)



Are You a "Bright Light" in service to community?

Interested in learning and applying ancient wisdom practices to make a tangible difference in modern times?

Interested in being part of our "Team UP" crew of talented service providers?

Excellent. Let's begin...

Join Us for the CSL Medicine Wheel, if you are Called and committed to: 

  • Learn how to apply shamanic principles, tools, and practices, Eastern thought/mindfulness practices, quantum physics, neuroscience-science, conscious service & leadership principles, and more to day-to-day life, your own personal/professional journey, and to being of more effective service in the world
  • Anchor and live more fully in your Authentic/Higher Self
  • Nurture and express your Soul's Purpose through conscious service
  • Assist & inspire others on a path of Awakening
  • Be a more conscious service-leader, teammate, staff member
  • Be a clear conduit, guide, parent, partner, creator, steward of Earth
  • Relate, live, serve, lead, and give at whole new levels
  • Address and clear disconnect, off-ness, heavy energy, or struggle early on (before it becomes drama, conflict, illness or loss)
  • Work, play & create in the "We~Space" ~ a growing eco-system & community of awakened souls

This inspiring transformational 6 - 9 month journey around the CSL Medicine Wheel includes:

  • 4 Medicine Wheel classes (4 Directions) which meet for 3 Day/30 hour intensives
  • Monthly Integration Calls
  • Work, play & create with like-spirited others
  • Private FaceBook community group
  • Receiving the Great Rites & Transmissions
  • Participation in transformative ceremonies
  • Building your personal healing bundle (aka Mesa)
  • Options for sessions with our talented IHP Mentees/Pracitioners (at Mentee rates)
  • Options for sessions with professional Practitioners trained in Integrative Healing & Energy Medicine, Coaching, Leadership Development, Business Development (at reduced rates)
  • Preparation for attending our Integrative Healing Practitioner Program (aka IHP program) for those interested in applying integrative healing & energy medicine and other aspects of this work with clients.

During each class/Direction, you will:

  • Learn teachings, tools, and practices to come into Right Relation, harmony, integrity & flow
  • Learn hands-on practices for clearing patterns, blocks, imprints, heavy energy in the energy body & the Field
  • Apply ancient, New Thought & indigenous wisdom teachings, mindfulness, neuro-science, quantum physics, integrative healing, music, movement, and more to creating positive shifts in your life and the world around you
  • Learn conscious communication practices and ways to meet the needs of All with consideration and creativity
  • Build and learn how to use a transformational healing bundle (“Mesa”) in the Q’ero tradition (of Peru)
  • Develop a relationship with the archetypes and lineage of this shamanic tradition
  • Receive the Great Rites & engage in transformative Ceremonies

You'll experience high-caliber lectures, hands-on/experiental application of the work, do partner and small group activities, have thought-provoking discussions, experience fire ceremony, various Rites of passage, and receive support & guidance in continuing to apply what you learn between Directions. There is the added benefit of being part of a conscious community of awakened souls committed to being of conscious service, leadership, and assistance in humanity's evolutionary journey. The origin of these teachings, tools, and practices comes from various wisdom traditions, with a special emphasis on the shamanic traditions of the Q’ero of Southern Peru and Buddhist principles of mindfulness.

Benefits of the Program

The teachings, tools, and practices one learns in the CSL Medicine Wheel increase participants' capacity for conscious engagement and right relationship,  strengthen one's luminous energy field, and elevate one's energetic frequency to attract higher qualities of people, opportunities and experiences into one's life. The Results: greater levels of grace, ease, harmony, and flow within one's self, with others, and with the world around us, more swift and beneficial break-throughs, the ability to see and manifest opportunities and resources that benefit oneself and the greater whole, practices for communicating and meeting needs more consciously and creatively, and more. One of the most transformative aspects of the CSL Medicine Wheel is that it offers powerfully aligned energetic means by which to heal and clear the patterns, "imprints", heavy energy, and wounds associated with drama dynamics and egoic conditioning. ("Imprints" are energetic holding patterns. They are at the root of illness, struggle, drama, generational and karmic patterns, and other repeating dynamics.)  The West Class goes into this in more detail.

For more info on each class/ Direction (South, West, North, East), click here.

Be part of our "Team UP" Crew  

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"Ayni" (aka "Right Relation) in Philanthropy

One of the ways we make a difference through the Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel program is by supporting the work of the Q'ero community of Peru directly through The Heart Walk Foundation. Heart Walk purchases textiles from the Q'ero communities in the High Andes. When our students purchase these textiles (i.e. mestanas, mesa ties, etc) during the building of their "mesa" (healing bundle), 100% of the purchase price goes back to the Q'ero. Heart Walk uses these funds to build schools, greenhouses, alpaca barns, and other life-affirming support of these amazing people who have brought us and taught us so much.

With gratitude and appreciation ~ Thank You to the Q'ero nation and to the HeartWalk Foundation. A Ho!

For more info on the Q'ero and Heart Walk Foundation, check out their awesome videos! The videos are filmed in the Q'ero villages in Peru.

Any Questions? Email The Bodhi Bridge or Call Us at +1 (435) 922 -0178


Date Direction Early Bird Reg Price    
Nov 8 - 10, 2019 or Nov 8 - 12 for IHP Direction: CSL MW South   (Early Bird ends _____) $1,000 $1,300
Jan _____, 2020 Direction: CSL MW West  (Early Bird ends ______) $1,000 $1,300
March ____, 2020 Direction: CSL MW North  (Early Bird ends ______) $1,000 $1,300
May ____, 2020 Direction: CSL MW East    (Early Bird ends ______) $1,000 $1,300
All Four MW classes CSL MW South, West, North, East (Early Bird ends ______) $4,000 $5,000
Option 1


Option 2


Option 3

CSL Medicine Wheel  & Integrative Healing Practitioner Mentorship (with Energy Work Sessions) (Per Direction)


CSL Medicine Wheel + Energy Work Sessions w Mentee/Pracitioners


CSL Medicine Wheel (Only)

 $3,000       per Direction/Level or $12,000   for all 4 Directions/Levels


$1,250 per Direction   0r        $5,000 for all 4 Directions


                           $3,500 per Direction

$12,000 for all 4 Direction if paid in advance






Note: You must take and complete each class “Direction” in succession in order to attend the next one.

Please see our Cancellation Agreements


Register Early to secure your space. Early Bird Registration receives a reduced rate.

Payment Plans available: 3 payments of $350 (total $1,050 per Direction or  Total of $4,200 for the 4 Part program).

A $400 non-refundable deposit is required. This helps us to secure teachers/facilitators, space rental, and materials.

Any questions, please contact us: or +1 (435) 922-0178.



DONATE: Donating to our Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel Scholarship Fund. With your support we can increase access to this program for amazing people who are highly dedicated students, but who could not otherwise afford to attend. All students contribute through partial payment, work-trade, and/or service.

SCHOLARSHIPS: As scholarship funds are available, we offer them to highly motivated, gifted/talented, and proactive students with a spirit of dedicated service, who might not otherwise be able to afford our programs.

If you would like to be considered for a full or partial scholarship, please complete our Scholarship Application form here. Scholarships are available as funding is available.