“Believe In A Bright Light”

(Mentorship Programs)


One of the primary Intentions of The Bodhi Bridge is to support the conscious service and leadership efforts of “Bright Lights” (or “Bodhis”) around the world. We serve, support, and champion the Ones who touch the lives of The Many ~  “Bright Lights” who lead and “illuminate” The Way and nurture the efforts of others to lead awakened lives of service and leadership. Some of these “Bright Lights” are amazing facilitators, dedicated students, visionary leaders or staff of service organizations, non-profits, and spiritual organizations, or are spiritual entrepreneurs and  young adults starting conscious businesses or other innovative ventures.


There’s something interesting about Bright Lights and Bodhis…


Bright Lights and Bodhis are often gifted and talented, conscious and compassionate, highly resourceful and have high levels of integrity.  Many are gifted professionals, dedicated students, and conscious creatives (aka “right brainers”).  Some of them ~ bold, brave, innovative, and motivated to create a world they believe in ~ pioneer pathways on their own or with friends to benefit the lives of others, making the most of the resources they have along the way. And yet, at some point in their journey of awakening, many have lived or currently live below the poverty line. Whether it’s because they do not fit or thrive in traditional (“old paradigm”/left brained) organizational structures, haven’t had the kind of mentorship, support, or guidance to create thriving livelihoods using their gifts and talents,  or have experienced unexpected loss or trauma, illness, divorce, transition ~ and in some cases, All of the Above ~  many Bright Lights have experienced “The Gap”. The empty (and sometimes tenuous) space ~ physically, financially, and otherwise ~ between the old/former version of their life and livelihood falling away and the new version of their life and livelihood taking form.  And yet, even when living on the financial edge, most would never consider nor portray themselves as “in Need”. They would not ask for “help” and they would not want to be “rescued.” They also avoid being dependent on social services or other forms of assistance.  In fact, they are most often providing assistance and being of service to others.


This is why they are part of the “hidden populations” we serve.


We have found that with Bright Lights a little bit of support, love, and resourcing goes a very long way. They don’t need much. They are conscious Creators. And yet, they benefit greatly from genuine and consistent support ~ and mentorship ~ that helps them bridge the gap between where they currently are and where they’re heading. With significant and empowering support, they can move mountains. Being sponsored and championed by people who believe in their value and their contributions to creating a better world, is often a life-changing and game-changing experience for these “Bright Lights” and “Bodhis”. And this is why we’ve created Mentorships, Sponsorships, and a diverse array of programs.


It is such an honor and pleasure to champion these brave, bold, and brilliant Beings.


Please join us in making Miracles happen for them,  with them,  and through them!


Because, let’s face it… life can be a heck of a journey.. and being a “Bright Light” can be a bit like Jedi training!

(Unless, of course, it’s not!)


How “Bright Light ” Mentorships Works:

We select and invite these qualified individuals to participate in our programs and/or services. Our Donor/Backer Partners identify a “Bright Light Bodhi” they’d love to sponsor and make a generous donation on the Bright Light’s behalf.  Once sponsored we support our Bright Lights in a variety of ways: through coaching, mentorship, training, consulting, leadership development, integrative healing, resource linking, conscious business/organizational development, and/or retreat. In the process, we help “Bright Light Bodhis” to:

* build their capacity to be of more conscious service and leadership;

* navigate change, transition, and unexpected opportunities;

* nourish,  heal, restore, and align body mind, heart and spirit;

* support their consciousness development as they support that of others;

* overcome uncertainty, fear, resistance, interference, limiting thoughts or beliefs, and strategies that no longer serve;

* make meaningful breakthroughs and gain valuable insights;

* up-level the consciousness of their team(s),  staff,  program(s) and organization(s);

* expand their consciousness and their capacity to relate, live, serve, lead and give at Whole New Levels;

* create conscious businesses, organizations, and other ways of making a difference;

* promote and champion who they “Be” and what they “Do”,  so they can discover what is Really True and Possible!

Join us in inspiring and empowering these “Bright Light Bodhis” to continue the courageous and awesome Journey of creating thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, flow, inspiration and right relationship ~ from the inside out and the outside in ~ and inspiring and empowering others to do the same.


Sponsored Bright Lights receive:  Private or group mentorship, training, coaching, consulting, integrative healing sessions, resource linking, and/or retreat(s). They may also participate in our programs ( i.e. The Medicine Wheel, “Bright Lights in Service”, Women’s Conscious Service & Leadership, etc) or in our Collaborative Partners’ programs. Duration of mentorship and/or services depends on the opportunities and/or needs of the Bright Light and/or sponsorship amounts.


In return, sponsored Bright Lights give: They integrate what they’ve learned into being of conscious service or leadership in the community and in the world. They model consciousness principles and practices in daily life, mentor others in their consciousness development; provide service to The Bodhi Bridge, Trust In Flow, or other community organizations, and/or “pay it forward” by sponsoring other “Bright Lights” and “Bodhis”.


Funds Requested: See individual Bright Lights Sponsorship Requests


Use of Funds: See specifics in individual Bright Lights  Sponsorship Requests


To Sponsor a Bright Light: go to our Home page and click on the individual “Believe In A Bright Light” sponsorship profiles