Bodhi Bridge Giving


How might you and/or your relationships to people, situations, project, organizations, and more benefit from being supported as “Bright Lights”/”Bodhis” in the world? Check out some of these teachings, tools, and practices… They’re all designed to help people navigate these changing times with greater, grace, ease, harmony, and Flow ~ from the inside out and the outside in ~ in alignment with body, mind, heart, and spirit.

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Bodhissatva (aka “Bodhi”)

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Right Relation(ship) & Flow

The concept and phenomena of “Right Relation(ship)”/”Flow” is a naturally occurring phenomena (and way of life). It is not about being “right” or “wrong”, good or bad, or any other dualities. It’s not about superiority or inferiority. And it’s not dogmatic or religious. It’s about finding one’s way into a state of harmony and alignment that is at One with one’s Authentic/Higher Self, one’s Higher Power, “others”, and the situations or natural world around us.   How each person “gets there” varies. We just happened to find pathways ~  a synthesis and integrated tapestry — of personal and spiritual growth teachings, tools, practices, and resources from a variety of backgrounds and fields that help it happen.

Unbeknownst to us,  aspects of the concept are present in many faith-traditions (i.e. Christ-consciousness, Buddhism, New Thought/Science of Mind, 12-Steps, Q’ero of Peru, Native American traditions, Spiritual Atheism, etc) and science-based studies (i.e. neuroscience, quantum physics, energy medicine, etc).  While not initially learned in religious contexts, the experiece and practice of coming into “right relation(ship)”  can and does create opportunity for deeply spiritual connections, a sense of “Oneness” and Divinity present, and harmonizing in ways that surpass cognitive understanding. In fact, it is not something that can be understood by “the mind”, by describing the concept,  or by reading about it. It is something that is learned, felt, and understood somatically (in the body it just “feels right”), through direct experience and via observable phenomena. 

At one point, in the early stages of the work, we were told “Right Relation… It’s like the 9th Fold in the 8 Fold Buddhist path!” It is true that Buddhist concepts of Mindfulness, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right View, etc. can be seen within it (though we didn’t know this at the time). It’s also interesting to discover that Native American perspectives from The Medicine Wheel are also very prevalent and the concept of “right relation” is present among the Hopi, Dineh and other Native traditions. Also interesting, are the numbers of people (Judeo-Christians, Mormon, and others) who have said “There’s scripture for that!” in response to a concept or phenomena of “right relation”, “Conscious Engagement” and related topics. 


Conscious Engagement 

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