Integrative Healing (IHP) Mentorship (Mentee Portal)


As part of our “Bright Lights” in Conscious Service & Leadership Initiative, we offer private mentorships in Integrative Healing & Energy Medicine to gifted and talented students. Students/Mentees! This is where you get to   apply what you learn in service to the up-liftment, healing, and conscious evolution of humanity. Woot! Your EMP Mentorship Program is chunked down into 5 parts, spread out over 2 years:
  • Level 1 Training & Mentorship
  • Level 2 Training & Mentorship
  • Level 3 Training & Mentorship
  • Level 4 Training & Mentorship
  • Level 5 ~ Advanced Training & Mentorship
  • Optional Special Sessions can compliment these required classes
  • Taking 2 Rounds of Medicine Wheel is Required as part of this program

Mentees: We’ve created some really awesome ways for you to manifest the means (cuz that’s part of your Jedi skills!) and pay for your EMP Program! Contact your Mentor to discuss options, sign up to offer Mentee Sessions, and/ or choose a selection below that works awesomely well for you!     Donors: Love what we’re up to and want to sponsor a Mentee? That would be Amazing!!! We’d love that (and so would they!)! CLICK HERE
As part of our "Bright Lights" in Conscious Service & Leadership Initiative, we have developed private mentorships to cultivate our students'/mentees' capacity to be of service to the conscious evolution of humanity. Our Integrative Healing & Energy Medicine Practitioner (IHP) Mentorship Program is one of the ways we do this. The IHP Mentorship is a two year certification program based on an integration and application of teachings, tools, principles and practices that facilitate one coming into Right Relationship (aka "Flow"). This  training empowers practitioners to facilitate clients' healing and transformational journey of awakening to their Authentic & Higher Self ~ that well-spring of grace, ease, harmony, thriving and ~ ultimately ~ Flow. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and integrates indigenous wisdom teachings, shamanistic, and New Thought traditions, Eastern philosophies, mindfulness & meditation, consciousness-based sciences (i.e. neuro-science, neuro-linguistics, quantum physics, etc), conscious service & leadership, integrative healing & energy medicine practices from around the world.

Our private mentorships are by application, invitation, and selection, and are limited in number.

Our mentorships are hands-on and service-oriented.  Participation in the Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel is required to qualify for this program.

Contact Us for more details about the program.