Lura Kingsford

Awesomeness Administrator, Advisor, Board Member

Mantra: “You can accomplish a hundred other things, but if you do not accomplish the one thing for which you have been sent, it will be as if you have done nothing.” Rumi

What Lura Does: Bodhi Bridge Vision Holder, Board Member, Administrative Support, Advising, Client coordination, Retreat & Workshop Facilitation, Financial Supervision.

Services Lura offers: Lura is a supervisory trainer and performance coach. She is certified in appreciation, leadership, and team leadership business trainings and holds an MBA. She trains supervisors so their people feel like skipping to work. Lura is also a certified Life Mastery Consultant. She provides success coaching to business owners as well as life coaching to those in transition ~ especially retirees who would like help in designing and achieving a life they truly love.

Why?: The Bodhi Bridge provides both staff and clients a way to become the freer (to be their true self), fuller (balanced, full-spectrum life), and more expanded (growing and co-creating is happiness) version of themselves. I want people to learn that we are more powerful than our circumstances, situations or conditions. Whatever it is, I want people to say, “I can do this!”

Personal Quote: Lura’s mission in life is to help people make their lives easier, fun, fulfilled, joyful, balanced, and prosperous.

Bodhi Bridge Vision Holder

Lura supports the consciousness of The Bodhi Bridge from a New Thought perspective. She maintains a positive Vision of Knowing the Truth & Opportunity that is an ever-present and expansive “YES!”, regardless of appearances or circumstances.

Board Member

Lura is the Board Secretary & provides Treasury support and financial oversight.

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