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Believe In A Bodhi Amanda

Author: Amanda, Web Designer, Creator of Awesomeness

Before I met Diana and began working with her on developing conscious leadership skills, I was felt incredibly clueless when it came to the direction that my life was heading. I felt confused about my identity and who I was. I had a Bachelor’s degree, several successful careers, and my own business with growth that had exceeded my expectations and garnered me admiration from many in my community.

On the surface, I had accomplished incredible things through my past service and leadership, but I still did not feel fulfilled. I was stressed, overworked, and felt really scattered when it came to efficiently using my time. I developed a habit taking on more and more projects while simultaneously procrastinating the things I truly needed to get done in my life. This led to a huge health crash, which brought me to Utah to seek treatment for my chronic pain at The Bridge Recovery Center. That is how I met Diana. As I worked with Diana, I realized that my approach to my service and leadership was not done with consciousness or enlightenment so my career gains came with some serious costs.

The more I did energy work with Diana, the more I got in touch with my own spirituality and higher power. The hardened protective armor I had spent years building began to melt away to reveal my true core. I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what Diana was doing to break through to me and change me, but at that point, putting words to what was happening did not matter. What she was doing was undeniable because it was WORKING!

After my treatment at The Bridge ended, I stuck around in Utah for another week to do the ultimate conscious leadership development retreat with Diana. I was able to customize my own retreat experience with Diana, which I filled with guided hikes into Zion National Park, energy work, past life/soul retrieval, guided meditations, and life coaching. It was honestly the best week of my life and worth every single penny. Over the past 6 weeks that I’ve been doing this work with Diana, I’ve noticed vast improvements in my creativity, productivity, and anxiety when it comes to my professional work and my personal life.

Diana helped me to see what my true gifts and talents are. The work she did with me made me see my true nature for what it is: that I am a creator. I am not just a creator of websites and products. I am the creator of my own universe. I have the power to create my own physical pain. I have the power to create chaos. But I also have the power to create pain relief. I have the power to create order, clarity, and peace in my own life. I am so grateful to Trust In Flow for guiding me on this journey of personal and professional betterment!