Believe In A Bodhi Amanda

Name: Amanda

Age: 28 years old

City & State: moving to Springdale, Utah in May 2017

Sponsor Request ($): $5,000 total. $2,500 for Diana for mentorship/integrative services (25 hours + additional opportunities), $2,500 for Amanda – 90 hours of web development, design, photography, collaboration/training of team

Areas for Scholarship: Mentorship, integrative healing, website development/design, photography

Working Scholarship?: Yes. Trust In Flow website development/design, photography

My Why: This mentorship is important to me because I’ve experienced incredible amounts of professional growth and healing since I’ve begun using Diana’s services and working with her as a website development consultant. I’ve accomplished incredible things in the past through my service and leadership, but my approach was not conscious or enlightened, so my gains came at a cost. But over the past 6 weeks that I’ve been doing energy work and conscious service/leadership training with Diana, I’ve noticed vast improvements in my creativity, productivity, and anxiety when it comes to my website development business. I am determined to continue this progress, but I need more time to work with Diana to reach my full potential and continue my momentum.

I am also quite confident that my skills, talents, and creativity will create positive changes for Trust In Flow and the Bodhi Bridge. I know the website that I’m building with Diana will translate into more clients for her business, more donations for the non-profit, and increased efficiency in terms of client information gathering, payment processing, and getting the message out about the gifts and services that Diana’s Team offers. This will ultimately allow her to help even more people and create more positive ripples in the world.

My Bright Light/Bodhi Gifts & Talents: My gift/talent is that I am a creator. I create websites using my artistic vision, tech savvy, and skills in photography, photo editing/manipulation, content creation, writing, and marketing. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Toledo and spent several years working for numerous tech companies where I was paid to write, create share-able content, do photography, coordinate with members of the media to promote brands and get our message out to the public. I did all of this while simultaneously building and leading teams of incredibly talented and hungry women. Later, I used these skills to start and build my own website consulting LLC, which I have been running for almost two years.

I want to use these talents to build dynamic websites for women-led small businesses and entrepreneurs. I can build websites that are more beautiful, functional, and cost-effective than most of the traditional/old-school web designers of today offer. Best of all, once I build these websites for these companies, I can train these women on how to edit and maintain their own websites, giving them the keys/control over their own content/public image – without having to spend hundreds/thousands of dollars each month to some webmaster for “maintenance fees.”

Opportunities and/or Challenges: I have the opportunity to do a lot of awesome work for Trust In Flow, The Bodhi Bridge, and the women of Utah. At the moment, my biggest challenge is finding the funding to continue this work. I left my job in women’s healthcare in Ohio to come to Utah for treatment for chronic pain at the Bridge, which is how I met Diana. When I realized the amazing work I could accomplish in Utah, I knew I had to come back and continue this work that I’m doing with Diana. But to pursue my goals for my small business, my higher self, and achieving true professional consciousness, I cannot go back to working 50 hours a week in a doctor’s office. I need to be free to have the time to focus on website development and conscious leadership development, but that requires funding/money.

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