“Team UP” Program


Teaming Up with awakened and gifted others is one of our greatest opportunities for moving people, projects, and communities forward…consciously and creatively. The “Team UP” program is designed for facilitators, service providers, healing arts practitioners, conscious business-minded folks and others who are Called and committed to relate, live, serve, lead, give, and create at whole new levels.  Program participants learn and apply ancient wisdom teachings, consciousness-based principles & practices, conscious service & leadership principles & practices,  modern science, music, and more to up-leveling and integrating their own personal/professional/spiritual lives and to their up-leveling and integration work with clients and community. (See Program Descriptions below for more information.) Sponsor someone you love and believe in to participate in this powerful program!

"Team UP"  Program

with Lead Teacher: Diana H. Dokos (MEd, CPC, EMP) 

Fulfill a higher purpose...
Team UP to move people, projects, and communities forward..
consciously & creatively.

"Bright Lights" (and other service-oriented folks) are in a unique position to be of service to the Greater Good and fulfill a Higher Purpose in the process.  These innovative, interdisciplinary, fun(!) and highly interactive trainings and programs are designed to inspire and  equip Bright Lights, visionary facilitators, service providers, support teams, and other community members with hands-on transformational teachings, tools, and practices that empower themselves, their teammates, and their clients to make meaningful break-throughs, to thrive personally, spiritually, financially, and professionally, to develop community capacity and connectivity, to up-level programs and projects, and to increase individual and collective ability to Do Well and Do Good... consciously and creatively... individually and Together.

As part of our efforts to facilitate humanity’s conscious evolution, we equip these program participants with transformational teachings, tools, and practices that inspire and empower them to: relate, live, serve, lead, and give in their Authentic & Higher Self; clear old patterns, blocks, imprints, and heavy energy; come into harmony and alignment (“ayni”) with themselves and others; more gracefully  and effectively navigate  life’s changes and transitions; embrace and prepare for meaningful opportunities; fulfill a sense of Soul Purpose/ Calling/ Destiny... and more.

How "Team UP" Works:

The "Team UP" training & program has 2-3 parts (depending on what appeals to you):

Part 1: The Journey ~ A Conscious Service & Leadership Medicine Wheel

  • Learn transformational teachings, tools, and practices using a Medicine Wheel 4 Direction/Class approach
  • Each Direction/Class is a 30 hour/3 day in-person intensive, which focuses on different topics plus monthly Integration Calls. Total of 120 hours for program.
  • Yes, you can just do the CSL Medicine Wheel as a stand-alone course for your own personal transformational journey.
  • Yes, if you are in the IHP (Integrative Healing Practitioner) Mentorship, you must successfully participate in the CSL Medicine Wheel  training as part of your IHP training and mentorship (your IHP Trainings & Mentorship are an additional 30 hours per Level).
  •  Private Mentorships and Project UP-Level do not require participation in CSL Medicine Wheel

Part 2: Mentorship (Group & Private options)

       A-Track: Integrative Healing Practitioner program (IHP Levels 1,2,3,4) (Advanced Level 5 training available)

  • For healing arts practitioners who wish to learn & use integrative healing, energy medicine, and consciousness-based principles, tools, and practices with clients.
  • Each IHP Level is 30 hours of Training & Mentorship + Practicum/Client sessions + Assessments (20 hours/2 day in-person intensive, which immediately follow each CSL Medicine Wheel class. Additional hours are remote/on-line or in person as available.) 60 hours of class & client work per Level. Total of approximately 240 hours for IHP program.

       B-Track: Project UP-Level

  • For conscious business-minded/business-savvy people who wish to apply transformational teachings & tools, consciousness-based service and leadership principles & practices, and  indigenous/shamanic wisdom to team, project, and organizational development.
  • Number of in-person and remote/on-line hours varies by person [in private mentorship] and by group.
  • Focus, structure, and hours of Project UP-Level vary by interests, needs, opportunities, and scope of work for participants
  • Participation in the CSL Medicine Wheel is not required for participation in Project UP-Level (but can include it)

(For more details see Program descriptions below.)

"Team UP" is for: 

Individuals, couples, groups, teams, organizations, and communities committed to relate, live, serve, lead, give, and create at whole new levels (with emphasis on wholeness) who are:

• Committed to doing their inner transformational work to affect positive social change;

*  Are a presence for Good in the world and who use their time, talent, and resources to benefit clients and community;

* Facilitate and/or assist with retreats, workshops, trainings or programs that inspire and empower people to awaken and live into the greater possibilities of their lives;

* Recognize the benefit of their  clients and  program participants  to receiving individualized attention and up-leveling support before and/or after their Journey  or program to increase integration and success;

* Are leaders and/or teammembers who would benefit greatly by receiving some of the very support, presence ,and empowerment that they so generously provide to others;

* Are Bright Lights (and other talented peeps) who want to collaborate and create awesomeness in the world … without drama, struggle, or other dynamics;

* Are committed to relate, live, serve, lead, give, and create from the space of their Authentic/Higher Self;

* Are ready, motivated, and committed to proactively identify and address various dynamics early on to reduce or clear struggle, drama, conflict, illness, loss before it becomes a Thing;

* Know they can accomplish and create more with noble friends (aka friends, family, and colleagues who are also on a path of awakening) by   working Together in their genius and by Doing Well and Doing Good... consciously and creatively.

Benefits of the Program

The benefits of this work are pretty extraordinary. Just ask our graduates, students, practitioners, and clients!

Benefits vary by person, client, and application (of course). And while we can't guarantee results (just like we can't guarantee you'll eat your veggies or do your homework), by and large these are the kinds of results we consistently see.

Many participants are able to use these teachings, tools, and practices to:

*  More gracefully and effectively navigate change and transition in today’s rapidly shifting world;
*  Empower themselves and others to address the unique opportunities, needs, and issues that arise on the path of awakening;
* Better navigate the Gap, the Unknown, the Wobble, Interference and other opportunities and challenges that arise when up-leveling;
* Use conscious communication approaches to meeting the needs & values of All ... swiftly and efficiently (Yes, really. It's crazy Good stuff.);
* Identify and clear the imprints, blocks, patterns, and time-lines that (in the past) would have created drama, conflict, illness and other dynamics;
* Use their emerging gifts, talents, genius, and leadership to make a positive difference in the lives of others;
* Attract and manifest clearer, more aligned, and well-resourced clients and program participants as they become clearer, more aligned, and well-resourced within themselves and within their team;
* Be more conscious creators of possibility and actualizers of potential (For Reals.);
* Catch and swiftly course-correct when people, things, or situations get a little wonky (which is reallllly helpful, especially when you love who you're collaborating with and what you're co-creating together).

See below for detailed program descriptions.

The "Team UP" Program

Part 1: Conscious Service & Leadership Training

Using a Medicine Wheel Approach


Equips participants with the consciousness-based and indigenous/shamanic teachings, tools, and practices for facilitating personal, professional, and spiritual transformation, up-leveling, and change

Program Includes:

  • * 4 CSL Medicine Wheel Classes
  • ( South, West, North, East)
  • ~ Wisdom Teachings/Training 
  • ~ Group Discussions 
  • ~ Build your shamanic healing Mesa
  • ~ Hands-On Practices 
  • ~ Great Rites/Transmissions 
  • ~ Ceremony 
  • * Monthly Integration Calls or In-Person Meet-Ups 
  • * Private FaceBook Community Group 
  • * 30 hours of in-person training per Direction/Class 
  • * Total of 120 hours of in-person hands-on training over 4 - 9 months 

CLS MW Training is a prerequisite for participation in the IHP (Integrative Healing Practitioner) Mentorship 

*  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Each Direction/Class: $1,000 **  

All 4 Directions/Classes: $4,000**  

With IHP Mentorship included: $12,000 

(** Early Bird pricing) 

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Mentorship Option

  A-Track: IHP 

Integrative Healing Practitioner (IHP) Mentorship 


Equips practitioners with the integrative healing protocols, trainings and ethics for  healing & up-leveling work with clients

Program Includes: 

IHP Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4 

Each Level follows a CSL MW Direction 

CSL MW South + IHP Level 1

CSL MW West  + IHP Level  

CSL MW North + IHP Level 3 

CSL MW East  +  IHP Level 4 

IHP Level 5 (Advanced: optional) 

Each Level/Class: 

* 30 hours of IHP Training

   ~ 2-Day/20 hour In-Person Intensive Training ) per Level, plus

   ~ 10 hours ( Online Group Training & Mentorship) 

* 25 Client Practicum Sessions per Level (approx 30 hours per Level) 

* Supervised Sessions

* Levels of Mastery Assessments

* Certification at each Level (upon successful completion of CSL MW & IHP Level(s))

* Monthly Private and/or Group Mentorship sessions 

* Small Business Development   (available through B-Track)

Meets: 4 times/year directly after each CSL Medicine Wheel Direction   

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  


* Each IHP Level: $2,000 **

* All 4 IHP Levels: $8,000**

* With CSL Medicine Wheel included: $12,000**

Some part-pay/part trade and sponsorship-for-service                     options available. 

(** Early Bird pricing) 



Mentorship or Collaboration

B-Track: Project UP-Level
(Team, Project & Business Development)


Equips participants ("the Team") with consciousness business, collaboration, and project management practices for moving people, projects, and communities forward... behind the scenes... on the business & project development side of things.   

Program Includes:

* Customized conscious team, project and business development Trainings 

* Collaborative Think Tank                          

* Co-creative Teamwork

* Application of training through Service-Leadership projects (personal/professional projects, team projects, organizational projects, community projects , etc) )

* Private or Group Mentorship sessions    ( for those who select Mentorship)

* 1:1 private or team consults, trainings, integration sessions available

The Team includes skilled Mentors/Guides working with program participants/Mentees

Meets: Monthly or Bi-Weekly (depends on desires of group) 

CLS MW Training is not a prerequisite for participation in  "Project UP-Level"  


*    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


* Level 1: Basic Program                                 ( 2 x/month: 1 private or group session + 1 consult or up-leveling/integration session)


* Level 2: Professional Program                  (3 x month. Includes training, consults, up-leveling/integration session)


* Level 3: Jedi Training (Weekly)   (Includes training, consults, up-leveling/integration sessions & after hours/VIP access)                                


Contact Us to discuss your needs & pricing: Info@bodhibridge.org or              +1 (503) 616-1177 (Whats App) 


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