*** Pay for Sessions or Sponsor Practitioners-In-Training ***



We are honored & delighted to introduce you to our Integrative Healing Practioners-In-Training!

This amazing crew of Practitioners-in-Training are committed to being of service to your wholeness, happiness, thriving & success! Thank You for this Opportunity to serve & support your efforts to relate, live, serve, lead, give & create at whole new levels and to actualize the greater possibilities of your life.

Our Integrative Healing Practitioners / Unleveling Specialists / Shaman are highly trained in consciousness-based principles & practices, conscious service & leadership, shamanic & indigenous wisdom teachings, tools, and practice, forms of shamanic energy medicine & dreaming, Integrative Healing & a variety of coaching protocols to support your up-leveling, healing, integration & creation Journey. They are all highly committed and highly gifted in this work. As part of their program, they receive in-depth training & mentorship, supervision & assessment, and are in process of receiving Full Certification to be able to provide this amazing work to you now.

Your contributions, whether as payment for sessions you receive and/or as gifted Sponsorship, go to support their Trainings & Mentorship. Each payment or contribution you make goes toward reducing the cost of their tuition & increasing their motivation & success, while serving your success at the same time. In turn they are able to advance in their studies and provide more and more advanced levels of protocols to serve you, your transformational journey & your success.

Thank You for believing in these Bright Lights & supporting their work!

(Note: All Gifts & Sponsorships are tax-deductible beyond session work are tax-deductible to the Donor. 💝)