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Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training

(Level 1)

Jocy Conejo López

Jocy is a transformational facilitator and community leader with a deep passion for conscious human development. Born and raised in Costa Rica, from an early age she recognized something didn’t feel entirely right with the conventional ways of the world, and became very curious about the inherent creative capacity we have to choose the way we want to experience our reality, freed from misconceptions that have been conditioned through family systems, culture and society.

More than a decade ago she started exploring different healing modalities and energy work, which ignited a path of self discovery on a quest for living an authentic life. Traveling all around the world learning about new philosophies, cultures, expanding her mental horizons and learning from the rich diversity that inhabits this planet. For the past 6 years her explorations have led her to study and learn about the wisdom and teachings of our native american ancestors, in the remembrance of a more harmonious and respectful relationship to the Earth, to ourselves and to each other.

The Integrative Healing program has been a transcendental step for leveling up to our true potential, and learning amazing tools to guide others in the process. This program is an extraordinary integration of ancient knowledge and modern science, giving us a much more holistic approach to understanding the true power that we each have in our own healing and transformation, as well as our ability to consciously create a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and aligned to our authentic desires.

With the Bodhi Bridge Foundation Jocy has found not only a renewed sense of purpose along with some remarkable tools for expansion, but also a community and soul tribe of like-hearted individuals, all converging on our desire to serve humanity in the necessary collective shift in consciousness that we face in the present times.

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15 – 30  Minutes

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Level 1 Mentee

Heart Grounding

25- 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 15 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing  with Epigenetic Clearing & Illumination

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Level 1 Mentee

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Whats App/Telegram: +(506) 8407-5543


Email: jocy8815@gmail.com

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