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Integrative Healing Mentee (Level 2)


Conscious Business Mentee  (Level 2)

Flow Coaching Mentee (Level 2)


Jessie believes that we are creators of our own world & we create those worlds starting from the inside-out. By studying and applying Self Mastery skills for the last 3 years, she has discovered just how expansive and alive life can actually be.

Jessie is one of the Core Team members & Mentee Practitioners at the Bodhi Bridge.

Becoming an Integrative Healing Practitioner is Jessie’s utmost passion in life because it has not only assisted in up-leveling her life as a whole, but she gets to assist others to up-level their lives as well! Being an empath, she is easily able to connect with her clients to best be of service to their growth & healing process.

Being in the field of healing, one must first heal themselves. What Jessie loves most about this work, is that after years of private inner work on her own, she finally feels the relief in her physical, mental, & emotional health that she wasn’t able to do on her own. Stepping out of self doubt & self sabotaging behaviors  & stepping into the realm of confidence, courage, and flow.

Reading, creating art, physical movement, and being in Nature are some of Jessie’s other passions. She has the draw to travel & see the world. She loves connecting with like-minded people & discovering new experiences everyday.

INFP-A “Mediator” in the Meyer’s Briggs 16 Personalities Test


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