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Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training

(Level 1)


Estelle was born and raised in Lebanon and moved to Costa Rica by the age of 16.

Estelle’s Mission is to highlight the magic and beauty that lays in everyone and to offer support in the journey to fulfill one’s soul’s purpose. She is very passionate about inspiring and holding space for others to be in their highest potential amplifying the awesomeness we can all manifest for the community, for Earth.

Always looking for a deeper meaning to our existence and very connected to the feminine energy, Estelle has dedicated her time to create a safe space for women to reconnect with their true self, essence and unconditional love.

Fascinated by the beauty and healing power of dance and music in her own life, she spent many years teaching, creating festivals, gatherings, for the community worldwide.

At the age of 30, Estelle decided to go deep into the learnings of the Earth Medicine and Sacred Arts. She’s been committed to the Red Road, Mexicatl Moon Dance and Vision Quests studying the indigenous ways of being in balance, and unity.

The integrative healing practices from the Q’ero tradition in Peru through the Bodhi Bridge foundation came into her life as a result of calling in a clear path to be of service. These practices have given her a chance to release limiting beliefs and allow her to embody her full potential, putting her gifts in service for the greater good while bringing deep healing to herself and others.

She is excited about sharing these wisdom teachings and integrating them (along with sacred movement, modern organic dance, medicine music, body work, feminine empowerment, women circles, ceremonies and more) to create a unique personalized journey for her soul clients.

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15 – 30  Minutes

(Free of Charge. Included in Clearing Session)

Level 1 Mentee

Heart Grounding

25- 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 15 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing  with Epigenetic Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Follow Up

15 – 30  Minutes

(Free of Charge. Included in Clearing & Illumination  Session)

1-3 days after your session.

Level 1 Mentee

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The best way to contact this Practitioner-In-Training is:

Whats App: +(506) 8351-6678

Telegram: + (506) 8351-6678

Email: estelle.zr21@gmail.com

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Personal Wish List

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