“Bodhisattva” is a Sanskrit word formed from “bodhi” (spiritual awakening, enlightenment) and “sattva” (a being, essence, spirit). A Bodhi is  “A being set upon enlightenment.” Bodhi’s do not aspire to enlightenment purely to free themselves from suffering; they do so out of compassion in order to liberate other sentient beings. (wildmind.org) Cultivating the capacity for loving-kindness, compassion, wisdom, insight, patience and generosity is at the heart of what it is to be a Bodhi.

As Bodhi’s ~ beings who aspire to enlightenment and the liberation of others ~ we also provide “bridges” (means and resources) by which people may navigate their awakening, traverse the great river of understanding, and arrive on a new shore of awareness in which to create new lives of Possibility, Purpose, and Right Relationship. Supporting and championing Bodhis (i.e. facilitators, mentors, teachers, consultants, guides) who assist the many during this Time of Great Change and transition,  is one of the primary purposes and priorities of The Bodhi Bridge.