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Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training

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“We are the big tribe, the new humanity that wakes up to heal in Unity.”

Gracie was born and raised in Honduras and moved to Costa Rica by the age of 17. She is an intuitive artist, singer, musician, dancer, yogui, energy worker, a passionate student of life, and an advocate for the healing of sacred arts. 

At a very young age she felt the calling to reconnect with the true purpose of life and her curiosity led her to explore the wisdom that lies in the inner and outer realms. She is a graduated Dental Surgeon that decided to go beyond the physical understanding to dive deeper into the alternative practices to heal oneself and others. 

She has dedicated her last 10 years to walking the path of self-knowledge and healing arts. Fascinated by the beauty and healing power of dance and music she dedicated herself to teaching, coaching, creating artistic productions and safe containers for women to tap into their own wisdom to reconnect with their true essence. 

Her journey led her to the Earth Teachings of the Red Road, Mexicatl Moon Dance and Vision Quest which enhanced her understanding of the indigenous cosmovision to live in unity. Now the Integrative Healing Practices come into her life as a result of her committed vision to serve the community, facilitate tools for personal growth and transmit the wisdom that comes through her offerings. 

She is passionate about sharing these teachings and integrate them along with sacred arts, medicine music, modern organic dance, women circles, conscious creations, ceremonies and rituals to create a unique journey for her soul clients. 

She believes we are called in these present times to support and rise together as a new luminous humanity and having the opportunity to serve others through their healing, transformations, diving deep withing to remember our true essence so we can anchor and shine our pure light for the greater good has become her life passion.

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15 – 30  Minutes

(Free of Charge. Included in Clearing Session)

Level 1 Mentee

Heart Grounding

25- 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 15 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing  with Epigenetic Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Follow Up

15 – 30  Minutes

(Free of Charge. Included in Clearing & Illumination  Session)

1-3 days after your session.

Level 1 Mentee

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The best way to contact this Practitioner-In-Training is:

Whats App: +506 7051-3633

Telegram: +506 7051-3633

Email: graciemandujano@gmail.com

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