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Integrative Healing Practitioner-in-Training

(Level 4)


“All of your efforts are valid and all of your efforts are worth it. Accept whatever comes with love & grace.”

Dani’s biggest passion is human connection. Her passion has brought her to explore diverse modalities to understand human kind … the way we think and the way we interact with the world according to our genealogical backgrounds, cultures and life experiences. Dani’s natural passion for human psychology and behaviors is the driver for her exploration and is a central pillar of her life. Her goal is to continue deepening her studies into effective tools of communication such as Non-Violent Communication and healing techniques as Shamanic Energy Medicine, Integrative Healing, and Neurolinguistic Programming to support healing & up-leveling processes, emotional processes, conscious community development, conflict resolution and teaching tools for authentic interpersonal relating. 

One of the things Dani loves the most about the Shamanic Integrative Healing work is how much it supports others in discovering a New Way of Living by bringing people the possibility to connect with their heart’s truest desires. By guiding clients in the process of healing and up-grading their lives, Dani empowers clients to release old matter that no longer serves them and to embody the best version of themselves. The way this work has transformed her own life is remarkable, and she is able to pass this on to the clients & community she serves. Dani supports clients in finding even deeper purpose in life, healing not only their mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, but being able to support others in more fully stepping onto their path of service. 

Another passion of hers is dancing. Dani discovered the healing power that dance contains about 7 years ago in her journey through the European continent, falling completely in love with conscious movement in different forms such as Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improvisation, 5 Rhythms and Chakra Dance. “Dance has taken me to the greatest states of liberation I have ever experienced. It has allowed me to know deeply who I am and each time it has provided me with a sense of relief, enjoyment and relaxation.”

More About Dani Coming Soooooon!

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15 – 30  Minutes

(Free of Charge. Included in Clearing Session)

Level 1 Mentee

Heart Grounding

25- 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 15 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Clearing  with Epigenetic Clearing & Illumination

1 Hour 30 Minutes


Level 1 Mentee

Follow Up

15 – 30  Minutes

(Free of Charge. Included in Clearing & Illumination  Session)

1-3 days after your session.

Level 1 Mentee

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