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To successfully and joyfully (!) navigate the financial and economic paradigm shift of this new Millennium and to help people create thriving lives, we invite (and teach!) people to be conscious and creative! Our Team ROCKS at this. Our Team, our Mentees, Interns, and Angel Donors gift of their time, energy, talent, and expertise to play an active part in creating something We All Believe In, something that contributes to creating the kind of world We wish to live in, work in, raise families in, and play in. In the process, we All help each other to become Creators of more life-affirming, abundant, and thriving lives.

We’ve also discovered that quite often our program participants have much more to give beyond the $$s themselves. Gifting to our Wish List is one way they (You) can connect with Us and with the Divine in amazingly creative, fun, and generous ways! This helps us keep our overhead low so we can keep the value and caliber of our services high. As a result, we are able to more fully resource our Programs, our Clients, the Communities we serve, and the Teammates who make it possible, beyond what financial means can do alone.

“I wish for people to discover their True Power… Their ability to intend and manifest for the well-being of all beings.”

Suddakar Ram in The Connected Age

We work on many levels to help this happen:

Divine Masculine

* In the “divine masculine” ~ conscious and creative ways of working with the visible, transactional, material forms of finance and prosperity that empowers people financially, builds their capacity to “do”, and creates tangible value (i.e. fee for service, business development, accounting, etc);

Divine Feminine

* In the “divine feminine” ~ conscious and creative ways of working in more invisible, indirect ways, often through gift, share, trade, exchange,  and other forms of abundance that nurture life, affirm beingness, and uplifts bodies, minds, hearts and spirits beyond what money alone can do (i.e. organic meals, gift cards, massage, etc).

Connecting with Divine

* By connecting with the Divine/Source ~ through prayer, meditation, intention, and other practices for clear Guidance, to help us bring body, mind, heart, and spirit into alignment, to surrender old forms/versions and open to the new, and to discover what abundance and prosperity truly looks and feels like at each new level of our evolution (i.e. divine right timing, divine orchestration, divine alignment, intuitively connecting Us with valuable resources We hadn’t even dreamed of!);

Right Livelihood

* By creating Right Livelihood in the 3D world~ That is, by inspiring, empowering, and teaching people to use their gifts, talents, expertise AND their consciousness to create businesses, provide services, create products, and offer value ~ value that helps themselves and others to both Awaken AND create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, flow, and right relationship ~ from the inside out and the outside in. Giving them the time and resources to develop their skills, professionalism and their confidence. (i.e. Mentorship, internships, coaching & other guidance, conscious business resources, financial and other assistance with start-up, connecting new practitioners with aligned clients, etc)  



The Wish Lists for our Team and The Bodhi Bridge can be found by going to our About Us ~ Team page. When you click on any one of the Bodhi Bridge Team ~ from leadership, to our support crew, to our mentees ~ you can find a Wish List of items that can help their world be truly Awesome. Keep in mind that this is a Team of mostly volunteers pro-bono-ing their time, talent, and services. These are the folks who dedicate quite a lot of time and expertise to helping the Bodhi Bridge magic happen. So, gifting to any of them goes a very long way!

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