Bodhi Philosophy


What the world needs more than anything are Bodhisattvas of peace, lawyers, politicians, teachers working

tirelessly for the enlightenment of themselves and others.

— Sogyal Rinpoche




Community Development Projects (Costa Rica)

Join Us on Mt. Chirripo’ in Costa Rica, where we collaborate with a uniquely integrated eco-system of local educators, facilitators, farmers, artisans, musicians, makers, and retreat centers to move programs, projects, and events forward. Together, we cultivate community consciousness, connectivity, harmony, thriving & flow!

  • Mt. Chirripo’, Central America’s tallest peak, is home to a diverse mixture of cultures ~ ranging from the indigenous Talamanca, to local “Ticos”, to “extranjeros” and tourists from around the globe.
  • Experience our amazing community! Join Us for workshops, classes, retreats & events.
  • Support Our Work! Donate to help us move programs forward:
    • “La Escuelita” Waldorf School at Finca Mia (October 2019 – 2020)
    • 2nd Annual Solstice Mountain Féria (December 20 – 22, 2019)
    • “Taste of Chirripo'” at Rio Chirripo’ (December 20, 2019)
    • “Team UP!” Up-Leveling & Integration Team Trainings (November  2019- 2020)
    • AMPROCAN ~ Canaan’s Women’s Association (November 2019 – 2020)
    • “Bodhi Benches” ~ A Meditation & Right Livelihood Initiative (November 2019 – 2020)

Private Sessions

We offer a variety of services designed to inspire and empower you to create transformational change in  your own life and the lives of others. Working on a program, project, or initiative?  “Team UP” ~ Work with our Team of trained facilitators to help you, your Team, and your project up-level Together.

* Energy work with trained mentees

* Coaching, consulting, and training with professional practitioners

* Private  Mentorships with lead Mentors

… All at non-profit and mentee rates!

So everyone Wins. And we love that.

Mentee Portal

Our Mentees Rock! See our Programs in the UpComing Programs section for more info. (Mentees:This is where you can make payments for your program.)

* CSL Medicine Wheel

* IHP Mentorship

* Other Cool Stuff you’re investing in

Cheering You On as you build your capacity to relate, live, serve, lead and give at whole new levels ~ consciously & creatively!

Support Our Work

Our Programs and Services empower people to create thriving lives of grace, ease, harmony, flow and inspiration… from the inside out and the outside in. 

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Upcoming Programs & Events

Conscious Service & Leadership

                Medicine Wheel

          CSL~MW  (4 Part Series)

In a time that is Calling for humanity’s conscious evolution, empowered engagement, and graceful navigation of  life’s transitions, this program inspires and empowers participants to be more conscious, creative, and effective in the ways they live,  serve and engage in social change. Using a Medicine Wheel approach, this program is designed for service providers in any field who know that social change begins on the inside, who are deeply committed to doing their own personal work so they can better empower others, and who are interested in learning and applying ancient/indigenous wisdom, modern science, mindfulness, energy medicine, and conscious service principles and practices into their daily lives and professions.

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Integrative Healing Program &     (IHP) Mentorship

Humanity’s and the soul’s evolutionary journey is an extraordinary one. One that is filled with immense opportunity and fulfillment, invitations for growth and up-leveling, obstacles to be faced and overcome, and wounds, imprints, or patterns to be healed and cleared so that the greatest version(s) of our life can be more fully actualized.  Advances in integrative healing and energy medicine make this not only  possible, but far more  swift, easy, and effective  than most people realize. This innovative program is for new or existing healing arts practitioners who have truly done their own personal work and wish to develop their skills and mastery as an Integrative Healing Practitioner.

Participation in the CSL Medicine Wheel program is required for acceptance to this program. For more information about the IHP Mentorship, contact us: 435-922-0178.

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Conscious Service & Leadership Trainings

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Our Bodhi Bridge Team

Diana H Dokos

Diana H Dokos

Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer, Lead Bodhi, Lead Facilitator

Diana does One Thing… She just does it in many different ways. Diana founded, holds the Vision, and  guides the direction for The Bodhi Bridge. With over 25 years of expertise in human potential devleopment through education, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, music and the healing arts, she develops programs, services, classes & initiatives that transform lives.

Lura A Kingsford

Lura A Kingsford

Awesomeness Administrator, Advisor, Board Member

Lura provides leadership support, consult, and business oversight to The Bodhi Bridge. She is a supervisory trainer and performance coach, certified in appreciation, leadership, and team leadership business trainings and holds an MBA. She trains supervisors so their people feel like skipping to work. Lura’s mission in life is to help people make their lives easier, fun, fulfilled, joyful, balanced, and prosperous.

Amanda Monroy Nelson

Amanda Monroy Nelson

Communications & Event Coordination Liaison

Stay tuned… More on Amanda soon!

What is Consciousness?

This video features: Edgar Mitchell, Deepak Chopra, Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin and Cassandra Vieten in an exploration of the Mysteries of Inner Space. For almost 40 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has explored the fundamental powers and potentials of consciousness using the tools of basic science.